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7 years ago

Don’t know where to start on such a dumb comparison between the UK & NZ climates.
I too have spent decades living in both countries, when ever I think about relocating back to the UK it’s always the (warmer climate factor that keeps me in NZ.
Even the South Island of NZ is warmer than the UK. Dunedin a city thought of being cold by NZ standards, is a similar distance from the equator as Venice.
Dunedin has cold winters with occasional snow falls, but has reasonably warm summers.
Alexandria a town inland from Dunedin often has the warmest recorded day during summer.

Auckland has been very warm these last couple of months, not much below 20C. at night. But has a far cooler climate than Sydney (also in the Southern hemisphere) despite Auckland being not much further south.
It’s all about geographical location. Sydney being on the edge of a vast hot interior land mass.
Likewise the arctic circle being on the edge of 2 large masses of land. Where as the Antarctic only has the tip of South America as its closest continent.
Parts of the UK has a warm climate relative to it’s distance from the equator because of the effects of the Gulf stream, to the extent that Bananas can be grown in parts of Cornwall.
Anyhow when emptying my bath, the water in Auckland goes down the plug whole in an opposite direction to London, which tells me I’m living down under.

7 years ago
Reply to  ab

Is that because at the poles the water would be frozen?

As for the day light hours, just get onto news sites that will state what time dawn & dusk is in Auckland on a given date such as December 21st, and June 21st for London.
Then do a calculation for each city as to how much daylight each has.
Then the calculation should be relative to each City’s distance from the equator.

All I know is that during summer on days close to the solstice, it gets darker earlier in Auckland than what it does in London. Also at the same time the sun rises earlier in London.