Jeran reviews my video

Thanks to Jeran for elaborating on my lowly video shot across Lake Ontario this winter. I didn’t do much to make a case for what I was seeing, hoping someone else would use it as raw material for their research. Simon says it makes his case, and Jeran says it makes his. You decide.

Jeran takes a lot of flack, likely because he seems very sincere and is very on target with his investigation of the nature of our earth.

Thanks for the link to my video – I will be going back to the area when we have a warmer day and shoot from the ground level – as you noted I was on a bit of a bluff. I doubt it will make much of a difference. Incidentally, the BMO Tower IS 72 floors, but there is a cluster of 5 towers due south of it with one at least 66 stories tall that would obscure its view (TD Center), not to mention the oldest tall building in Toronto, the Royal York Hotel.

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