Digging into Antarctica

Jeranism does a good job digging into the fakery surrounding the forbidden lands.

All this was promoted by one Tigerdans’ controlled self demolition.

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6 years ago

Not debating the information at this moment, but rather pointing out a rather odd choice of graphical symbology.

Why did jeranism choose to point “The Truth” towards the Sun at 13 minutes and 41 seconds of that video? Are they Sun worshipers? Found it strange, to be honest.

6 years ago

I can’t find any reference to the original Tiger Dan video. Did it actually exist, or is it some kind of Aunt Sally?
Antarctica sure is some weird place with lots of fakery going on though. Things like this make me very suspicious:

One interesting comment has just gone up
Garry Mcdonald 4 hours ago
Just wondering why nobody seems to know or mention the Air New Zealand disaster that happened in November 1979 on MT Erebus. It killed about 270 people when it slammed into the mountain, Air New Zealand did a lot of tourism flight down there back in the day until that accident happened. So if all that sight seeing was going on back then, then one would think that a plane flying at 30 000 feet on the way down there would be able to see the edge of the earth. Doesn’t make any sense

Hmm, that’s one to be examined more closely .

Someone has uploaded photos of a direct flight Buenos Aires to Australia from 2009 here
2009:12:17 08:53:31
and photos either side.

2009:12:17 16:28:59 [Australia]
2009:12:17 08:39:11 [Antarctica]
2009:12:17 02:56:24 [Chile]

6 years ago
Reply to  xileffilex

OK, I’ve found Tiger Dan aka TigerDan925. I like to see the bigger picture.

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