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6 years ago

This coupled with Mark Sargents handsigns with that obvious cia woman orphan red (seriously the name alone is a red flag), And the shutdown of Eric Dubay’s forum it seems people are showing theire hand (literally in Mark’s case) and we have the thesis and anti-thesis in full effect.

I have said many times in the chats on this site that the best counterpoint i could make against the flat earth thing is that it seems pretty much every big name pushing it since the very start (including rowbotham) is a mason.

Does that make flat earth information wrong? or just to dangerous to go unsullied?

Personally i am leaning towards the latter.

Sadly the media will play up the crazies like it always does.


6 years ago

“The most obvious in controlled opposition.”

One fine day I’d love to sit down with Ab by the fireside and discuss the actual meaning of the word “obvious”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Black Dog
6 years ago

Eric Dubay’s reply to the shut down/he’s restarted elsewhere – sounds like