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  1. Ab,

    Problem is with all theses flat earth videos you keep posting is that I can’t recommend fakeologist.com to those newly curious who are starting to learn about fakery. Because the current flat earth debate, I believe, is purposely contrived to be repulsive to the average citizen, then the average citizen will be rightly repulsed, as by design, upon reading flat earth posts here at fakeologist.com. Then I, myself, will be discredited in their eyes for recommending such a website. This is no reflection on you, Ab, as the owner of this website. You personally do stellar work and I believe you when you say you are on a journey and the flat earth thing is where your journey is taking you. I will discredit myself if I recommend fakeologist.com to anyone who do not subscribe to the current flat earth debate, as by design.

    1. K, i don’t take it personally. If you’re so sure that all these people are paid agents sent to discredit this tiny corner of the Internet, then I’m afraid we will have to disagree. This site is my advanced research. The average Joe will never get past the first page. Fakeologist has always been about my journey and for those that want to watch and comment. If you feel it’s time to part ways, then I thank you for your contributions and Godspeed. Hopefully I’ve helped you as you’ve helped me in this lonely journey. Have a fantastic 2016!

      1. Ab,

        Your value to this truther, for lack of our own word, community is so great that it cannot be calculated. Today you are making wonderful contributions for audiences of today and for posterity, your links, texts and voice will be echoing around the internet, uncovering the truths for a long time to come. Uncovering truths that have been hidden at great cost requires that same great cost to be spent once again to hide those truths you have uncovered. So I can imagine of course you are of interest to those who have truth to hide. So am I. So is Hoi Polloi and Simon Shack, and many others here who comment. So what. All they do is dispatch trolls.

        If I buried a box in the park, and I saw you digging around that box I had so carefully buried for some very important reasons, of course I would have interest in your activities. Of course I would intervene somehow, at some point to cover my box back up, because those reasons I buried the box in the first place are all still the same today. I would not dig the hole myself because that would implicate me should I be found out, I would hire someone to do it.

          1. @Khammad

            If there is one person who likes cheating. then it’s you. And you know very well what I mean.
            This will be my last post directed to you.

          2. khammad,

            I am also suspect of Croatian Girl. After all, she is supposed to be Croatian. Why is she posting in English rather than her native language. If she is so passionate about the truth and politics in her own country why is she pointing her feedback at us? She also does not come across as someone that has done her own research.

            Maybe I am wrong, but Croatian Girl does not seem legitimate.

          3. @Gabriel

            Although your message was directed to Khammad, I would like to ask you a question.
            In the way you formulated the message I came to the understanding that you are of the opinion that most readers and followers of this forum are Alzheimer suffering patients. You know memory loss, cann’t connecting the dots etc.
            How come?

          4. Lara CROOKS 274 (2+7+4= Masonic 13)? Strange fake-looking photo with a lizard? Anyway…

          5. Good work Terran Downvale, that looks incredibly iffy.

            As i said in the comment on her interview post, i felt like she was just repeating her father, is he perhaps a handler type of person? a satanist , mason or something to that effect? is she a willing participant or being led, do you think?

            just my two cents, you are alot better at digging then i.

            Keep us posted if you find anything else.


          6. Zalian: Yes, does seem pretty iffy. I can’t really say I know how this stuff works but considering her age, I figure she’s getting her cues from someone else. One thing I just discovered is the Croatian flag. Interesting design on the Coat of Arms, eh? Probably NOT a Purina Cat Chow tribute. Compare with the emblem from www.freemasonry-croatia.org (which I added to the flag).

          7. Nothing is certain about the evidence above. Best to confront her directly… Someone send her a message on YouTube.

          8. Ab: True, this could just be a “young person’s” thing to display themselves in a shady way like this. It’s apparently trendy to do the one-eye and other signs. But as someone who should be aware of how this is going to make her look to a conspiracy and occult-aware audience, I don’t really get it. I admit I did not watch the entire interview but in what I did see, her body language indicated resistance at least to my perception and what I’ve seen of her videos seems kind of forced and scripted. But once again, this is a very young person who might just not yet be comfortable in this position. The more of her we see, the more it will become clear.

            Maybe I’m a bit biased because when I first saw the name “Croatian Girl” I immediately thought of “Syrian Girl” who is super-shilly: www.youtube.com/user/SyrianGirlpartisan

            BTW, is it just me or does that snake photo look fake and like the snake is spelling something? An upside down PS with her arm purposely positioned for some reason? Why is that? Am I just being paranoid? Here’s a direct link to the pic: lh3.googleusercontent.com/-icRFA2AEstY/VZ6R3TrZOOI/AAAAAAAAAOg/B38L3U-KNmQ/w379-h378-no/2015-07-09_164451.jpg

          9. Also, here’s my point about the flag. I don’t know for certain that the Croatian Coat of Arms has anything to do with Freemasonry. I just find it an odd coincidence that of all the possible places in the world this girl could come from, it just happens to be a country that’s flag features a checkerboard. That and the other signs I pointed out make it seem like our minds are being messed with here. But yes, we do tend to be a paranoid bunch who naturally read into these things. But any genuine person in this field of research would know that and wouldn’t be playing games like this (if that’s indeed what’s happening).

            This reminds me of a G+ post I did exposing the shadiness of YouTube’s “Press Reset Earth.” Although with his case I had much more reason to be suspicious. But the same “accidental” fishiness involving signs and symbols came into play. Here’s that post for anyone who is interested: plus.google.com/112413489582307671009/posts/6AY1CzmZDpE

          10. As AB said this is not conclusive, but it certainly is starting to build.

            As far as the pictures go, something does seem off with that snake picture.
            Especially over the shoulder on her left side and the dark snakeskin on the right side (it should be in light in my mind anyway) and something irks me about the edges around the snake.

            Could very well be pasted ontop a snakeless picture, pretty hard to tell conclusively though (intentional?).

            Is there a video of her with the snake? do we know she owns one?

            Or is it just symbolizm for mockery sake as Russianvids would say?

            (if you really try, i guess you can make a case for it being “hidden hand” symbology in that picture too, with her hand behind her head, but it might be stretching it)

            The beach picture with the guy and lizard is obvious photoshop tough (clean outlines always give it away) so either she or someone managing pictures for her is no stranger to photoshop.

            Also who is that dude anyway? looks like a Eric dubay audition reject lol.

            This coupled with a snake logo and the red checkerboard is rly making me go “hmm”

            I’ll stick to my original hypothesis and say her dad is a freemason and she is either being used or groomed by him.

            Keep digging.

            You are also spot on about syrian girl being as fake as they come.

            To that list you can add mahlala (spelling?),
            the Kuwait girl from the first gulf war www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmfVs3WaE9Y (also being used by her dad and she was 15)

            and many other “young girl against the government” meme characters being pushed in the mainstream.

            Nice way to instantly gain tracktion in my opinion.

            Women have been conditioned to stick up for each other no matter what, and with modern feminism being pushed to the degree it is,
            This is making alot of women so emotional when it comes to these things, they dont think and just get behind whatever character the media tells them to rally behind.

            Saw it first hand with my mom and mahlala, no critical tought at all, just intstant “agree with her or you are a bad person”

            Is that what we are seeing here aswell?

            Patricia certainly seems to be pushing “women flat earthers” for the sake of being women, not because of theire research.

            Probably offended some people with this post, but it is an emotional hot button ive noticed the people in charge seem to be utilizing more and more lately,
            and it only heightens my suspicion when coupled with Terran’s findings.


          11. I agree 100%, Zal. The public’s sensitivities about gender and youth are two things the manipulators are constantly hiding behind. Race being another. Think of all the times they’ve used children as vicsims, creating an emotional trap where skeptics will look like “heartless monsters” for questioning their alleged suffering. They play VERY dirty this way. For all we know, this girl isn’t even really as young as she says she is but of course there’s no way to know for sure.

            Nice catch on the “hidden hand.” She’s also kinda making a triangle with her arm. The pose looks quite unnatural and the snake does look fake. My question again is if this girl knows she’s presenting herself to people who know about all the signs and symbolism, why is she doing it? Is it really unintentional? Of course we’ll get attacked for hassling and accusing a young “awake” person, someone we should feel thankful even exists, right?

            Back to the snake, it does seem to be spelling PS and I can offer a theory about what that could mean, along with my observations on a few more photos but I know it would not go over well here. I’ll just say that whether you believe there is actually something to the “Reptilian” meme or you think it’s complete rubbish, symbolic forms of “Reptilian disclosure” ARE something that comes up in hoax-related imagery and cultural presentations in the media. Whether this is an indicator of some kind of “Serpent worship” or just something for us to notice, point out and look crazy for doing so, it IS being done and I can show numerous examples of it. Just take the forked serpent tongue on the NASA logo (with the tongue also acting as a stylized T in the NASA/Satan anagram).

    2. If the people you want to show fakeologist to will discredit you by seeing information they dont agree with, they are not inteligent enough to read any alternative information at all, and should stick to the mainstream where they will find plenty of other close minded people like themselves.

      Getting tired of your constant need to try and shape this site, go make your own page and only include what you want for your own fans if that is your ideal wish.

      It’s not hard to find a template site that allows this, no web dev experience neccesary.

      When you censor some things, its a very slippery slope that always leads to censoring other things, and before you know it you are no better than the mainstream.

      Ab has handled this flat earth situation admirably and has so far not taken any side in the subject.
      I am sure if it at some point did get proven to be a fake DBA attempt as you and others claim, he would not hide that fact either.

      Stop taking everything so god damned personally


    3. Kham, thanks for sharing.

      By all means, carry on “exposing media fakery one psyop at a time” (which obviously includes exposing the absurdist Flat Earth psyop designed to prevent “exposing media fakery one psyop at a time” exactly how you describe).

      That’s what we’re here to do.

  2. Ab,

    I have been looking high and low for information that makes sense on the internet for quite some time. There are not a lot of sites here on the internet that are sincerely looking for truth and reporting on legitimate information. I would say 90% (a conservative estimate) of sites on the internet that you can link to are directed by some sort of interest that endeavors to cover up the truth and confuse the public. Example: Vortex Math. And yes, they are outright lying to us including No Agenda. So, yes, fakeologist.com was a site of advanced research which made it a target. It was a group effort to uncover all of these truths, that have for so long been kept quiet. It will require the same amount of group effort to destabilize this the very same group that found the truths in the first place. According to controlled opposition, you are worth their effort to destabilize. That means you were uncovering real truths. We can all feel good about that.

    Happy 2016!

  3. @Clueseau

    A couple of weeks ago you were complaining that somebody used your name Clueseau for entering the forum and posted under your name.
    My answer to you: it is absolute impossible to enter the forum when that person doesn’t have the key or password.

    Like lying to your teeth as well?

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