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6 years ago

Heard it before and enjoyed it again.

6 years ago

Also check out the appearance of Jay Weidner on Art Bell’s show one day earlier.

Art had Jay on to debate an institutional science guy about the fake moon landings. Jay presented his case well, won the debate, and even persuaded both Art and the institutional science guy to admit, on air, that yeah something ain’t right about those moon landings. A win for fakery busting.

The very next day, Art has The Morgile on for a debate which also included the fake moon landings. This time the “were faked” side of the debate was acting like a monkey, dodging straightforward questions, rambling on about physics principles no one ever heard of, resorting to personal attacks, and claiming the earth is flat. In short, it was a trainwreck.

Result: “reason” triumphs. Jay must have been wrong about the moon landings, because this guy who agrees with Jay is clearly a complete idiot. Art Bell has forgotten all the doubts he acquired a day earlier and is once again sure we went to the moon.

This performance by Morgile undoing Jay’s debunking work for the Art Bell audience is, so far at least, the piece de resistance of the Discredit By Association role of the flat earth.