Steere and Weisse

Good listen on 9/11,although no mention of September Clues and also  their wrong belief in Judy Wood’s dusty theories. Both are good speakers using good audio.

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5 thoughts on “Steere and Weisse”

  1. Ab, I remember you first describing Patricia ‘Steer-Clear’ Steere as “easy on the eye”.
    I also remember quietly hoping that your eyes can see beyond your hormones’ horizon.

    At 3:45, hot potato girl spells it out – in crystal clear fashion:
    “…and it’s still happening – although Flat Earth has sort of pushed, uh, 9/11 investigation off to the side…”

    And now you describe this 2-hour rabbit hole as a “good listen” – and happily promote it on your site? Potato girl interviewing that “authoritative 9/11-cum-Flat-Earth-expert” David Weiss?

    OUCH ! (*Pinching myself to wake up* – as this just has to be a silly autumnal nightmare ).

    Good grief, Ab. I guess that yours is a case of …

  2. My stance is that Ab continues to post ‘any old cobblers’ 🙂 on this site. Not all of it, by any means, but quite a lot of stuff from people I think are agents of obfuscation. Rabbit trailers.

    For me, this tends to be informative of a lot of the latest trends in ‘The Alternative Media’ and is interesting to the extent it gives us a chance to analyse things and then share our opinions in text or in voice, if we want.

    I appreciate the all round service very much.

    On Weiss,/Steere, Several of us here said months ago that we thought David ‘ I love Judy ‘ Weiss appeared to be a facilitator for the alternative. If not, he appeared to be a fool, having spent £1000 dollars of his own money on copies of Wood’s book

    JLB came on to Audiochat and broke the news to us that David Weiss was doing a show with Pat – ‘Steer’ -Steere. The knowing tone in Le Bon’s voice said that he found that highly ‘interesting’ too, can I say?

    That Ab has posted this here, I can understand, to an extent.
    It’s interesting to look at these things, sometimes.

    That said, I tend to agree with Simon and would say to Frank that the succinct precis, here, was all rgos’ :

    Both are good speakers using good audio.
    That’s it. Fake. Next.

  3. Just a reminder (or piece of new information for those late to the party) about Judy Wood and DEW’s. She coined the word “dustification” to describe the destruction of the towers, which she recounted in some specific detail, based on her “analysis” of the broadcast footage.

    The name of the disinfo game is not letting the complicit media cat out of the bag and that particular cat lady has hers tied up tight.

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