Super 33 eclipse?

Just received this email from (which I use for my show scheduling.)

Mark your calendars! A rare Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Full Moon will grace the skies on the evening of Sunday, September 27 and the early morning of Monday, September 28. This hasn’t happened for 33 years and will not happen again for 18 more years!

People in the United States, Canada, South America and parts of Europe will enjoy some of the best views of the eclipse.

…and you can watch – not live – but LIVE animations!

Now, you will be able to see an animation of how an eclipse looks like as it is happening, in real time! Just click on the Live button on the animation screen and see the eclipse unfold in animation form right before your eyes, without having to step outside or traveling!

We hope you like what you see. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

So what magic trick are we going to be witnessing? With all these occult numbers, I can safely say I have no idea! Why does it seem I get more confused as time goes on?

Total Lunar Eclipse on Monday, September 28, 2015 – What time and where it can be seen.

Source: Lunar Eclipses

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28 thoughts on “Super 33 eclipse?”

    1. I didn’t see anyone mention that (according to what we’re told) the next time a full Lunar Eclipse occurs alongside a Super Full Moon is 2033 which means the number 33 is involved twice, once in the past 33 years ago (1982) and once in the future. Now that will make you sit up and take notice! We talked a lot about what these numbers mean on Saturday night. My numbers guy ran out of steam after three hours: iTunes Link:

      Read more:

  1. Get your butt from behind your computer screen, Ab! This is old skool media fakery out in the nightly skies. Grab a pair of binoculars. You’ve got front row seats over there in Canada, for crying out loud.

    Jeez, you should get out more.

    And brush up on astronomy.

    Clear skies!

    1. rgos said ” if you are able to predict these eclipses centuries in advance you have to have a correct model. And a flat Earth does not figure in it’

      I don’t see why being able to predict eclipses proves anything other than that they happen in cycles, rgos ?
      What am I missing here?

      Ab’s post made me cringe, but it doesn’t prove we live on a ball does it?

      Mentioning this ‘blood moon’ seems wholly relevant in the context of everything else we investigate here.
      Predicting eclipses is the oldest trick in the book’, as you say. As we’ve discussed on the Immigration thread, the psyOpera is still played out to old themes. The omnipresent Moon and Sun…night and day.

      I cringe at the numbers Ab points to as evidence of something, but my sense is that he just sees the way this latest ‘Blood Moon’ has been presented in the media and smells bullshit.

      I’d say he’s probably got a good sense of things in general. 🙂

          1. In your world, Horatio.

            NO, get it right, rgos. In YOUR world it’s balls. Remember ?
            You cannot deny it.

            Your theory is LITERALLY a bunch of balls, mate.

            I’m well aware of the balls model, I grew up with it, funny enough.
            It seems to make some sense of things doesn’t it?

            These days I just don’t know.

  2. Why does it seem I get more confused as time goes on?

    Erm, you’ve been listening to the wrong people, maybe, and reading the wrong shit?

    1. I’d like to hear your voice on the audiochat soon rgos as comments don’t present intent or tone of voice in any discernible way. I present information as I hear it for digestion and discussion. If I’m confused, then I dare say others are as well. Please enlighten us as to your methodology to see past contradiction and confusion so we all may benefit.

      1. Ab, thanks again for the invitation but I intend to stay with the written word. I’m old skool, and although you are right about the shortcomings of written text, I like the extra thought that goes into a well-crafted sentence. More effort, less BS.

        I kindly refer you to the forum for a revelation of my method.

  3. I cringe at the numbers Ab points to as evidence of something, but my sense is that he just sees the way this latest ‘Blood Moon’ has been presented in the media and smells bullshit.
    I’d say he’s probably got a good sense of things in general.

    I don’t cringe. They are probably relevant. Manufactured Migrant Crisis and Bloodmoon as casus belli for a Syria intervention is probably what’s going on.
    And yes, our host in general is a good bullshit sniffer. Just happens to sniff up the wrong turds now and then.

    1. I don’t cringe. They are probably relevant

      Oh, I do. I know you’re a Zach Hubbard fan too, though rgos.
      I cringe at the 27th and the 18. So what ? The calender has been written to coincide with these eclipses ?

      If they are ‘probably relevant’, it wasn’t such a stupid question then, was it?
      Sorry, I’ll shut up now.

  4. I saw it around 8:00 pm on the 400 Highway driving south @ the Holland Marsh (north of Toronto). It was magnificent! No trick but natures beauty itself!

    1. It was beautiful, wasn’t it? Almost as beautiful as the Holland Marsh. Did you see the earth’s round shadow projected onto the moon?

          1. I meant the Moon looked awesome. Reddish and large in the sky. The flat land made it very easy to see because it was very low on the “horizon”. Not debating flat earth here. Just sayin the “eclipse” was a spectacle.

          2. Jeranism doesn’t say it’s live. He promotes that it’s all manufactured. TJ in fact found software that may be doing the terraforming. Have you listened to all their audio?

          3. No, sorry Ab. What was the gist? I thought you meant they thought the eclipse was a hologram controlled by software. I’ve scraped through enough rabbit holes in my time.

          4. I didn’t think you had listened. They speculated that terragen could be used for the live ISS earth shots. Please don’t add the hologram misdirection to the conversation. They are as open to being lost about what the moon really is as any bunch I’ve heard.

          5. Ah, I thought we were talking about the moon eclipse. Software can be used to simulate anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and watch an eclipse live. People have been doing that before the invention of software.

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