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Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
8 years ago

Dusty, Banazir! ( hey fellas )

Funny. You still seem hung-up on your Fakeologist experience.
You keep mentioning it.

Banazir seems to look for Eric’s affirmation that ‘Ab is bad’ . ”Did you hear our audio ? Did you ban him from IFERS ?” Eric says he didn’t hear the audio and one of his site admins must have banned him.

I just think ”Get over it already”. It seems personal, still.

There was never a clear case against Ab, put to me by you guys, as far as I see it.
You could always have come on audiochat and talked about it.
You were welcome.

You just leave me a bit bemused.

8 years ago
Reply to  Tom Dalpra

i’m no shill hunter; apparently i’m not sensitive enough. i just try to figure out the hustle. so if i was in our interprid shill-hunting former fakeologist friends’ shoes i would have tied the oil/dino scam and the big g hustle together for their volkish, wing chunning hero.

then dubay could have talked about how the oil exploration industry was started by geodetic hustlers using 20th century cavendish balls…

… and as every former fakeologist knows the oil patch has always had its hustlers, like barnum “bones” brown and his sugar-daddy henry sinclair:

“For example, Sinclair Oil’s advertisement in the August 13, 1932, issue of The Literary Di- gest linked Sinclair’s oils with dinosaurs and the “mellowing and filtering” of millions of years: Down where the heat of earth’s internal fires stands at 100 degrees—a mile and a quarter below the surface of Oklahoma lies a treasure trove, the Cambro-Ordovician oil pool. Millions of years have passed since Nature formed that pool ages which saw the rise and fall of the dinosaur ages which played a priceless part in the mellowing filtering of this remarkable crude. Cambro-Ordovician crude oil is the oldest of the Mid-continent crudes. It has mellowed longer, filtered longer, contains less carbon than younger Mid-continent crudes. When blended in the great Sinclair refineries de-waxed and freed from petroleum jelly, this oldest of Mid-continent crudes becomes Sinclair Opaline, a produce of 80 million years of Nature’s priceless treatment.
Today, the company logo—which continues to feature Sinclair’s name and an outline of a green Apatosaurus—is a familiar sight at thousands of gas stations throughout the United States.”

…barnum was osborn’s main paleo-hustler at thee roosevelt’s institute of the muses of course:

“Because of his passion for both geology and paleontology, Brown also forged close ties with oil and mining companies. Part of the industry’s appeal was financial; he charged a consulting fee of $50 per day, almost $800 in today’s currency. These contacts could also be lucrative sources of fossil-hunting cash. In 1934, with museum funds for fieldwork in short supply, Brown approached officials of the Sinclair Oil Corporation in search of financial support. The company’s president became so enamored of Brown and his work that he personally backed Brown’s expedition to northern Wyoming, where he discovered the famous Jurassic dinosaur graveyard named Howe Quarry. To this day the Sinclair logo features an image of Diplodocus in deference to this partnership.

Brown’s oil company contacts were extensive. In 1920 he quite likely fled a jilted lover’s lawsuit by skedaddling for Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) under the banner of the Anglo American Oil Company, an offshoot of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. His mentor, Henry Osborn, was supportive of such ventures because Brown kept his keen eyes peeled for fossils while prospecting for oil. In this way Osborn reaped the fruits of Brown’s labors while the oil company paid for them. Brown’s letters—in which he invariably addresses his supervisor as “my dear Professor Osborn”—maintain the careful guise of an eccentric fossil hunter, but they also contain carefully worded notes about both oil prospects and the activities of European diplomats, military personnel, and businessmen. Those notes also contain telling details about his targets’ wives and daughters.”

…barnum even told us just how innovative a hustler he was:

“i was . . . fortunate in discovering a partial skeleton of . . . Diplodocus. This was the first dinosaur excavated by any American Museum expedition, and here I introduced the use of plaster of paris in excavating fossils.”

i don’t waste my time shill hunting. cowardice i reckon; so i look into stuff. i’m sure dubay could have told us all about the guy who actually made cavendish’s balls if our intrepid former fakeologist friends had given him the oppurtunity. you see the guy who made hank’s balls also dreamed up the black hole fable. all he had to do was pair newton’s g bullgoo with another assumption we call escape velocity…

this was no problem for john as he was a priest at cambridge so he could make up shit and pull it off. he also discovered binary stars using the point of his pen, just like verrier discovered the psi-planet, neptune, at the point of his. verrier is a device in the einstein relativity hustle as well of course…

shit, i probably would have found the time to discuss with their hitler-lovin’ hero that damned ubiquitous inverse square law that michell hustled with we’re told…

…i love how these “laws” can be used to derive another and “vice versa”. if i had the hustle in my blood i’d be rich. i’d make my own balls so to speak just like coulomb made his own we’re told…

i guess my point is that i don’t find dustban bemusing; i find them boring, they don’t talk about shit. now dubay on the other hand…


…let’s talk about that child actor extraordinaire, bruce lee, that dubay so admires. his father was a famous actor and bruce was in over 20 films as a child we’re told. his mother was a niece of sir robert hotung, “the grand old man of hong kong”. his brother was a rocknroller of course. talk about your culture creation…


but whatever, at least there’s one place on the interwebs that is safe from the likes of ab and myself- that’s the real contribution of heroic hunters of shills like dusty and banazir.

8 years ago

Excellent conversation… loved it. Who are the shills… and you nailed it good !!!

No… i have never been banned from IFERS… i am still a card carrying member, just busy trying to save the world in my own special way… death by 6 billion cuts and all that. It was nice to hear Eric say “i like her”… great to hear, actually, because i am not for everyone. I’m like black olives – you either love me or hate me, it seems.

I sure do have a lot of respect for Eric. He doesn’t play politics and he doesn’t hold back… he states the unvarnished truth many people don’t want to hear… and he evidences it. Of course, i have developed mistrust in general of people professing truth, but i have not found any contradictions in Eric’s work. The world needs more people who hold to their convictions regardless of how it is accepted.

There is little more irritating than interacting with people who go along to get along… except the ones who try to Delphi technique you into the herd mentality group think.

8 years ago
Reply to  wanda

Concerning Ab… it is the mark of intelligence to be able to hold two or more opposing ideas in your mind at the same time. I have many times disagreed with Ab, but never could i say he is a shill… because i am not convinced he is. I have not seen him censor comments or delete them based on his personal beliefs, and that is key, in my opinion. He offers this forum for questioning, conducts some really great interviews, and now this teamspeak deal… i’d say, over all, he does more for the cause of truth than against it.

I noted Eric did not join in calling Ab shill either. I am of the mind that Tom Dalpra expressed… get it over it. I wouldn’t know why it even matters at the end of the day… just do what you do.

^^^ I tried to bold this comment too, but apparently you can’t bold a reply, which is the function i used. Just thought i would point that out in case anyone should think i didn’t bold on purpose… i don’t operate that way… lol

8 years ago
Reply to  ab

Del keeps encouraging me to do a show too. I am kicking the idea around… not like i have a shortage of things to say… i just feel i am better with the written word, that’s my forte. We’ll see.

I have a lot of material i haven’t published to my web-site yet, deconstructing Christianity. The bible has it all backwards and inside out. Everyone is worshiping an evil deity and all Satan does is tempt. I think there is something going on here, that there is a God, if you will, but it isn’t that psychopathic mass murdering narcissist in the old testicle… that is an entity in base consciousness.

Yeah… i could do a show about that.

7 years ago
Reply to  wanda


Revisiting the original 5 hour long Dustban where they accused Ab of being a shill was as painful and embarrassing an experience as it was back then. I too at the time had my doubts regarding Ab, mainly due to his apparent worship of Simon (anything Simon said was gospel of sorts at the time – no disrespect intended to his many merits of information) and for a certain incomprehensible show ab made. I too had been accused at the time of being a voice imitator, pretending to be myself and a certain Dr Death, whom I don’t recall coming back here, despite having made ourselves available to prove we weren’t the same person. Still, when I heard this the first time I honestly couldn’t remember ever having heard something so juvenile, so irresponsibily dealt with. I have the same impression today as then. I really can’t see why they wouldn’t make an interview with Ab confronting him with all their suspicions, allowing a person whom had provided and cared for a forum where they could gather information and had never, to my recollection, mistreated them. It wasn’t, as they state, Ab who has let them down or anyone else in the community at the time. It was them who let the community down by behaving like juvenile fools. I told them all this at the time and never got a reply back. It could easily be asked: were these Dusty and Banazir all along? Were these the guys we conversed with for so long? A year has passed and it would seem time has been answering yes to that question.

Wanda: May I join in your soon-to-come show, once in a while? 🙂

8 years ago

those guys are gay.