In search of the edge of the flat earth (1990)

I’m not necessarily a flat earth earther, but I’m becoming more of an anti-ball or globist.

H/t thereason

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8 thoughts on “In search of the edge of the flat earth (1990)”

  1. That story made chills run down my spine. I don’t agree with a lot of what these people say. That is the thing with Flat Earth, nobody really knows what the deal is. That also makes it so Intriguing.

  2. Here is an experiment people may try: For the past, 2 days, at 5 p.m. EST I stood and look at the moon which i approximately at the 10:00 o’clock position on the horizon to the east At the same time the sun is at approximately 11:00 o’clock position in the west. Each day at 5:00 p.m. is slightly higher and less shaded. If the sun is over the horizon by such a wide margin, why am I able to see half in shadow, then watch the shade dissolve everyday? Under the heliocentric paradigm, is doesn’t add up. Am I missing something?
    I live around the 30 degree latitude in the northern hemisphere.

  3. ****Spoiler Alert****
    Ummm. guys that doc is a clever schoolboardhoaxfilm made by bullfrogfilms. It was made for a public school system in ontario as a “module” for students to watch and then debunk the flat earth. To quote this piece of trash “this film is designed as an educational tool to help kids to think for themselves”…. and Ive got some time share land in Florida to invest in… Andrea Barnes is a fictitious character. The movie is a hit piece with an obvious agenda. Please read the associate companion booklet found here>>>

    Nevertheless the earth is still flat, this is just an attempt to muddy the waters. Scurrilous sea dogs!

    Thereason….Gleasons’ map is the rizzle dizzle! He even goes to the trouble of telling you that on the map it self! Why would he do that?

    Now that weve cleared the air have some fun with this one as well….

    1. Thanks JB. I was going to look this Annie Barnes up but ran out of interest/time. I was wondering what cold weather savvy person (being from “Ontario” as the tall tale said) would just start charging out over the frozen tundra.

      1. You should look at the bullfrog film site for fun, they produce oodles of these educational masterpieces peddling fear and pseudoscience to kids in classrooms. No doubt alittle digging into this organisation would reveal some juicy nuggets …

        Bullfrog Films is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:
        Climate Change
        Social Justice
        Developing World
        Indigenous Peoples
        Earth Science
        Life Science
        Political Science
        Performing Arts
        Women’s Studies
        Children’s Films

        This is an article on the founder John Hoskyns-Abrahall

        “John is not loud or boastful about his accomplishments. He is a behind-the-scenes strategist, inclusive, undaunted, quietly persistent.”

        John is also the creator of Andrea Barnes

    2. Why does the bullfrog website link take me to a pdf of the companion handbook that was apparently produced for this documentary? Very suspect, looks more like disinfo or an attempt at damage control after this doco was accidentally allowed to be produced. Sorta weird that the website for the film company would take me to a pdf & not their actual website.

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