Flat earthing to obsure NASA’s exposure

Simon says he does not believe in the flat earth, and that this sudden abundance of Flat Earth research /propaganda is to put a cloud of smoke between serious research and NASA via crazy by association techniques.

Since I always believe the deception is one more step than the obvious put before us, I’ll entertain the thought.

Now, lest I be called ‘unduly paranoid’, I guess I’ll have to address this ‘peculiar’ issue by sharing my personal musings with everyone (regardless of whether one sincerely believes the flat earth model has any merit or not – I do not, btw – for what it’s worth to anyone… ). Think about it: if YOU were a NASA propagandist / psychologist – and you were facing the horrific / catastrophic prospect of a mass-awakening to the BIG NASA FRAUD, what would YOU do ? Well, I know exactly what I would do : I would try and flood every single ‘conspiracy-site’ (which even remotely addresses / questions NASA’s legitimacy) with the most extreme theory imaginable – i.e. the sort of theory which I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY the general public will instantly associate with ‘pure madness’. I trust that (no matter what one’s stance on the flat earth model is) we may all agree that – at this historical moment in time – there could hardly be ANY ‘crazier’, ‘over-the-top’ /and thus offputting contention than this earth being flat as a pancake (ok, so perhaps I’ll have to eat my words some day – and mind you, I actually love pancakes, so don’t you ever dare misquoting me!). As it is, I simply cannot think of any more effective way for NASA to undermine our solid / rationally-acquired findings exposing the very real & demonstrable BIG NASA FRAUD.


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Rick’s Flat Earth proof

From Rick for your discussion:

Ab, quick note. I was working through a flat earth idea this morning and discovered that the longitude distance between Tucson and Charleston  (at latitude 32 north)  is 36 longitude degrees and so is the longitude distance between Perth and Sydney (at latitude 32 south). In the northern hemisphere, that 36 degree city separation is 2000 miles and in the south it’s almost 3000 miles or 50% longer. When I checked a north polar map projection, with equidistant latitude lines from north to south pole– a good approximation of a flat earth map, the distance between the longitude lines were similarly 50% wider from each other at the latitude. This is the simplest and most elegant proof I’ve ever seen of a flat earth. I developed it this morning and haven’t seen anything quite equivalent to it– in simplicity and elegance after perusing flat earth videos, sites and podcasts for about a month now. It doesn’t require flight logs or any travel– just a simple
longitude to miles conversion for the same longitude distance in the north and south at equivalent latitudes. I chose the cites above as pretty close approximations but I could make it more accurate. I’m passing this onto you this morning so that you might pass it along for our peer review among other fakeologists. I might be wrong but I’m giddy about being right at the moment. Thanks. Rick Potvin. April 19, 2015. (PS Permission granted to replicate, reproduce in whole or in part, quote, with my name etc with or without regard for authorship).

Flat Earth clash

Eric makes the case that Mark is purposely misleading flat earth researchers, ie. disinfo. If nothing else, Mark has certainly brought an otherwise low profile conspiracy directly into the light.

I’d still like Eric to come on my broadcast. I am not siding with Mark just because I had him on my broadcast before anyone else on this topic.

I have just purchased Eric’s book, The Flat-Earth Conspiracy (the kindle version is only $9). For all the work Eric does promoting his web site and battling his shills, he acts modestly and hardly mentions his book (so I will).

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Well rounded discussion

Great interview with Eric Dubay, who goes over some specific proofs to the flat earth theory. Eric is an excellent speaker.  I’m still puzzled as to why he doesn’t approve of Mark Sargent, but I’m sure time will reveal their “divergent” views.

Here’s a link to Eric’s forum that talks more about how this site and its members are all shills. Then the shill gun gets turned on the main accuser. So goes forum disinfo and disruption.


* Show Notes: thehighersidechats.com/eric-dubay-the-flat-earth-theory/

* Episode Feed: The Higherside Chats | Conspiracy and Paranormal Podcast – thehighersidechats.com/feed/

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More Crrow

A follow up interview also worth listening to.


* Show Notes: thehighersidechats.com/crrow777-returns-the-lunar-illusion-space-magick-the-bigger-conspiracy-puzzle/

* Episode Feed: The Higherside Chats | Conspiracy and Paranormal Podcast – thehighersidechats.com/feed/

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Crrowing about the moon

Mark Sargent referenced this YouTube entity, and certain sites seem to be labelling him disinfo.

Here’s a good interview that sounds reasonable to me.  Crrow seems very fakeologist aware and extremely lucid. He believes, like I do, that NASA’s purpose is to control all knowledge surrounding space. He also believes that man has never left low altitude orbit. He believes we live in an age of deception, and things are coming to a boil. Sounds like he’s on board with the 9/11 and moon hoax deception.

Listen for yourself and discuss.

Longtime skywatcher, Crrow777, joins THC to discuss his insights gained from keeping his eyes to the sky. We discuss the []


* Show Notes: thehighersidechats.com/crrow777-skywatching-anomalies-the-lunar-wave/

* Episode Feed: The Higherside Chats | Conspiracy and Paranormal Podcast – thehighersidechats.com/feed/

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