Miles on the flat earth psyop

Miles calls the flat earth wave of interest a psyOp.

I am getting so many emails on this one, I felt pressured to write this brief response. Very few of my
science readers are asking me about this, but many of those reading my history papers are. I think that
is because the spooks are running a very visible disinfo campaign on the Flat Earth, and a lot of people
are being snared by it. I am not sure why the Flat Earth is getting so much “alternative” press right
now, but I have my suspicions.

h/t Simon Shack

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Flat earthing to obsure NASA’s exposure

Simon says he does not believe in the flat earth, and that this sudden abundance of Flat Earth research /propaganda is to put a cloud of smoke between serious research and NASA via crazy by association techniques.

Since I always believe the deception is one more step than the obvious put before us, I’ll entertain the thought.

Now, lest I be called ‘unduly paranoid’, I guess I’ll have to address this ‘peculiar’ issue by sharing my personal musings with everyone (regardless of whether one sincerely believes the flat earth model has any merit or not – I do not, btw – for what it’s worth to anyone… ). Think about it: if YOU were a NASA propagandist / psychologist – and you were facing the horrific / catastrophic prospect of a mass-awakening to the BIG NASA FRAUD, what would YOU do ? Well, I know exactly what I would do : I would try and flood every single ‘conspiracy-site’ (which even remotely addresses / questions NASA’s legitimacy) with the most extreme theory imaginable – i.e. the sort of theory which I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY the general public will instantly associate with ‘pure madness’. I trust that (no matter what one’s stance on the flat earth model is) we may all agree that – at this historical moment in time – there could hardly be ANY ‘crazier’, ‘over-the-top’ /and thus offputting contention than this earth being flat as a pancake (ok, so perhaps I’ll have to eat my words some day – and mind you, I actually love pancakes, so don’t you ever dare misquoting me!). As it is, I simply cannot think of any more effective way for NASA to undermine our solid / rationally-acquired findings exposing the very real & demonstrable BIG NASA FRAUD.

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