Deep Thoughts Ep 183: The Flat Earth Dilemma

The podcaster with birds chirping in the background asks some good questions. 

The debate of Flat Earth continues to heat up. The faux scientists like Bill Nye and Neal DeGrasse Tyson are unable to unseat the claims that the world isn’t round. The Flat Earthers continue to not only gain empirical evidence, but expose the fake space agencies along the way. In this episode, we look at those who lack the courage to think, and extend the average Flat Earth theories beyond just proving it’s not a globe. Enjoy.

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* Published: 2017-03-05 8:05:50 PM

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Joe Rogan is unlistenable. 

Deep Thoughts Ep 177: The Flat Earth Simulator

Deep seems to believe in the flat earth model. 

There are two factions fighting for the Truth. One, a five hundred year old loosely informed group of parrots, and two, a passionate group of explorers who have the courage to challenge paradigms of modern science. In this episode, we examine some of the conflicting evidence on both sides. We study the notion that if someone built a firmament over our heads, would we be able to discover its existence? Enjoy.

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* Published: 2017-02-20 8:02:08 PM

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Rick DeLano – Jesuit propagandist?

CCR 110: The Geocentric Principle with Rick DeLano

Good podcast featuring a guest who says flat earth is a psyop made especially for his geocentric movie back in the fall of 2014.

So which is it? I tend to think this geocentrist, who believes in satellites and other hoaxes, is actually trying to obscure any flat earth potential truths.

ARE YOU AND I INSIGNIFICANT PRODUCTS OF TIME + MATTER + CHANCE IN THIS EVER EXPANDING UNIVERSE? Are we just meaningless flesh bags in a world that cares not about human purpose or destiny? Is the future miserable? Or are these ideas a product of bad theories built on faulty premises that ignore the raw data we have about the universe? I

* Duration: 1:55h, Played: 1:36h

* Published: 2016-09-02 1:11:05 PM

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Fetzer is no flatty

Jim talks to a land surveyor who balks at the flat earth idea. 

Sadly, they think satellites and gps are real and do a piss poor job refuting the leading anti ballers, Globebusters. 

The Real Deal #213 Jessie Throws Down his Flat Earth Challenge

* Duration: 1:35h, Played: 30:48

* Published: 2016-07-30 1:50:25 PM

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Godspeed Javaring

Chris remembers a lovely fakeologist.

I spent many hours talking to Java a year ago, unrecorded.

He was a shy, unassuming soul trying to figure things out.

Let’s hope he’s in a better place, free of deception and psyOps.

His shoes:

True Lies

TrueLies : Reality Crash

Sad to hear that Robert(javaring)Bailey passed away on February 1st, an extremely likable guy that will be missed……

Lot’s of flat earth talk – Chris getting annoyed by all the lack of proof. Here’s a relevant video:

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Chris and Walt Stickle talk flat earth

Chris is back. Everyone has an opinion on the Copernican ball earth theory. Walt is no exception. (Walt was on my audio here).

“Someone asked me the other day if I believe in conspiracies. Well, sure. Here’s one. It is called the political system. It is nothing if not a giant conspiracy to rob, trick and subjugate the population.” -Jeffrey Tucker

Source: HOAX BUSTERS CALL: Hoax Busters, Work your way up to banana picker

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Flat Earth End Game

Is FE a smokescreen for an imploding Europe event? Are we North Americans so out of touch with the purported migrant crisis in Europe that we can’t see this train coming?

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Duelling Dichotomy

Great show between two arch rivals. I enjoy Jeff C.  more after listening to this (I have a soft spot for any of the very few Canadians speaking up), and of course I am big fan of the eloquent John Lebon.

I almost want to suggest a weekly show between these two; a truther Siskel and Ebert.

Watch “‘Great, Late, Old Mate Debate’ | Jeffrey vs JLB (22-Jan-2016)” on YouTube

Aftershow with a cursing JLB

Aussie TV

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