Helping or hindering flat earthery? 

John Le Bon. Who else talks more about flat earth drama whilst complaining about it?  The question you must ask yourself is is John contributing to the exposure of this flat earth media operation or is he just adding a layer of intrigue and piling on? I don’t know the answer, but this is definitely a good example of cognitive dissonance.

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One thought on “Helping or hindering flat earthery? ”

  1. In L’Évolution de la Matière (1905), Le Bon anticipated the mass–energy equivalence, and in a 1922 letter to Albert Einstein complained about his lack of recognition. Einstein responded and conceded that a mass–energy equivalence had been proposed before him, but only the theory of relativity had cogently proved it. Gaston Moch gave Le Bon credit for anticipating Einstein’s theory of relativity. In L’Évolution des Forces (1907), Le Bon prophesised the Atomic Age. He wrote about “the manifestation of a new force—namely intra-atomic energy—which surpasses all others by its colossal magnitude,” and stated that a scientist who discovered a way to dissociate rapidly one gram of any metal would “not witness the results of his experiments … the explosion produced would be so formidable that his laboratory and all neighbouring houses, with their inhabitants, would be instantaneously pulverised.”Doctor Gustave Le Bon, 1914

    …funny how le bon’s nom de guerre-sake anticipated the mass-energy equivalence hustle before einstein and the atomic age before ole hg welles.

    i find both le bon and jay dyer to be pompous youths that get on my nerves. i’d ask le bon on his own site but i’d probably be banned just as i was by jay dyer on his.

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