The CN Power tower

The most fascinating discussion available about the nature of our earth anywhere.

Some points that stuck out:

Free energy. What if Nikola Tesla’s discovery was being used right now by some of the taller buildings in cities to power the grid? Since hydro and combustion are the only real on demand power sources that logically make sense and work, perhaps free energy is being used to fully charge the grid.

Magnetic data. It was said that the Queen controls who gets to see the world’s magnetic readings data. Only a few firms including Schlumberger have access to the data.

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3 thoughts on “The CN Power tower”

  1. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe project failed due to factors that have nothing to do with any ‘fee energy’.

    The bankers as represented by JP Morgan were interested in radio working for communication purposes. Tesla was not only interested in communication but in transmitting actual power as well.

    Tesla’s concept was to use the Earth itself as the medium of transmission.

    Tesla himself was a pre big bang helio-centrist, by the way and he never claimed to be otherwise in any of the numerous articles I have read.


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