Pocket guide off a flat earth

I really enjoy Paul’s talks – and here, he makes it clear he does not believe in a flat earth as described by the “movement”.

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3 thoughts on “Pocket guide off a flat earth”

  1. About 19’50” the narrator tells us that the sun is disappearing behind a cloud… in that very same image there is cloud behind the sun….

    1. indeed, there are skies behind the sun in the video !

      with clouds behind it, the size & distance to the sun Paul alludes to are way off, but the fact the size of the sun is too big on sunrise/sunset in a perspective-type model is interesting.

  2. I’m sorry to see Paul throw this video out knowing he has such limited experience with Flat Earth Models and proclaim “The Globalists are Right.” An honest man would have said it was not determinable based on the models he received from the Flat Earth community. In fact, he did not have time to study the weak data provided, search the internet for other models (there are others), and make an assessment based on those models.

    In short, Paul is capable of producing much better work.


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