Meet Cee Dee

Another fascinating show with a new voice, Cee Dee, who makes some fascinating observations on our controllers and how they operate and perceive us.

He speculates that the world’s population is far less than we’re told, which might help account for the lack of “awake” people viewing and publishing fakeology-type media.

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6 thoughts on “Meet Cee Dee”

  1. Bob asked about Captricorn 1:

    An outstanding passage for your consideration:
    Before we move on, let me answer my own question. Why did NASA cooperate with
    Capricorn One? Damage control. The movie was conceived of and promoted by the government itself. They weren’t confirming the Moon landing was a hoax, of course. No, they were taking an idea which they knew was already in the head of the nation and trying to turn it subtly away from its target. They were planting this idea in the heads of those watching the film:

    Read more:

    1. I think the idea behind capricorn 1 is to give the message to the public of how difficult it would be in real life to fake, space travel . Too many things could go wrong , families and friends could leak info , people may have to be murdered……
      “It would be ridiculously difficult to fake anything like this”.

        1. And of course , we bought it .

          The most telling thing about space movies is the blatant omission of movies about the moon lamdings . Too close to home obviously .

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