Godspeed Javaring

Chris remembers a lovely fakeologist.

I spent many hours talking to Java a year ago, unrecorded.

He was a shy, unassuming soul trying to figure things out.

Let’s hope he’s in a better place, free of deception and psyOps.

His shoes:

True Lies

TrueLies : Reality Crash

Sad to hear that Robert(javaring)Bailey passed away on February 1st, an extremely likable guy that will be missed…….www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=118605&cmd=tc

Lot’s of flat earth talk – Chris getting annoyed by all the lack of proof. Here’s a relevant video:

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3 thoughts on “Godspeed Javaring”

  1. Vale Robert Bailey aka Javaring… a gentle man.

    I listened to Chris’ call last night and his claim that Ed Chiarrini aka Dallasgoldbug from www.wellawar1.com would not agree to be interviewed by Chris.

    I made contact with Ed via Facebook and Ed wrote that he agrees to be interviewed by Chris and that he has never been asked before.

    Ab, Rol1o, Xiliflex, Khammad, Vespa, Dal Tampra I am looking for your encouragement to Chris to make this interview a reality.

    A podcast of this interview would go PLATINUM.

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