Johnny on the flat earth fakers

Jesuit Order exposer Johnny talks about the current issues of the truther world.


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4 thoughts on “Johnny on the flat earth fakers”

  1. I have come to admire the power of conviction. I admire it, but am not impressed with the resulting mentality, though.

    Why am I saying this?

    Because this is the first time EVER I am listening to Johnny Cirucci and I am going to bet right away that he’s a Protestant Christian (whichever particular form or sect). He is, isn’t he? Nothing particular against that twist on that collection of texts that make up the bible (which still holds very interesting information mixed in, regardless of all the “mind-fucks” contained).

    However, one can never listen to one of them speak without taking into account that it’s the Protestant’s mission in life regarding the world to fight the Papists of Rome, in the form of the Jesuit Order or any other.
    In the same manner, one should never listen to a self-proclaimed “neo-Hitlerian” without bearing in mind that it’s his/her mission in life regarding the world to fight the Jewish conspiracy, whichever form it takes.

    Is one righter than the other? Certainly not. They both find Jesuits and conspiratorial Jews because both Jesuits and the Jewish conspiracy are part of the same compartmentalized troupe, whether most of the members know it or not. Both groups promote and tend to the “human farm”, so how exactly is a neutral mind supposed to process information from either polarized side (even one such as myself who acknowledges a creator force for sure, whatever it is, but that has established that this is certainly not the god of the Jews, the Jesuits, the Christians, the Muslims, of whichever sect)? Is it not evident that any of the points of view will suffer from confirmation bias?

    The issue involves and, at the same time, goes beyond both Jesuits and Jewish conspirators, from where I stand now and as far as I can see. Should I then focus on the self-righteous Protestant that points the finger at the Papists, while being even more Papist than the Pope? Or should I focus on the Hitlerian blind extremist who points the finger at the Jewish conspiracy, while seeding and revealing the same traits despised in that particular group?

    I have conversed at length about both these groups (and even others) and have acknowledged the undeniable involvement of both in the world conspiracy. I have never lost sight, however, of how myself, my worldview, my traditions, my behaviors, my mindset has been influenced by both. Does the Protestant acknowledge this? Does the Hitlerian?

    The people I communicate with about the issues of the world have, for the most part, some of that self-acknowledgment – or, at least, I can concede as much, they appear to.

    Still, my concern is cast a bit further in the future, as described in a forum post here. What ever is the way the “world (as we know it) is going to end”, I think it is an inevitability. What concerns me is what human traits will be prevailing in the new world afterwards? The finger-pointing followers that hide their own faults behind the figure of their enemy? Are we honestly considering that if we could magically remove both or either (your choice, as it doesn’t matter for the point) Jesuits and Jews from the world that we, who would be left, would actually behave any differently? Not in the state we’re in.

    Not only is «hell filled with good intentions», but the world right now, at this very moment, is crowding with good people unwittingly doing evil against themselves and their fellow Man.

  2. Actually, most Protestant Christians have totally forgotten what they were protesting about and simply look at the Papacy as a spectacle, sort of like the royals. I’m from the Bible belt in the US. Most Christians don’t know their face from their arse just like the average man. Protestants who have anything negative to say about the Pope and Jesuits especially are far and few between. I also cringe at those calling each other brother and thumping the Bible, even if I believe the there are many truths and lessons in the book.

    The main difference I see between those who talk about Jews and those who talk about Jesuits is that there are far far more people who are considered Jews, rightly or not, while Jesuits are a specialized group following a specific doctrine, not a race or even a religion. And there’s the little issue that the Jesuits were formed to crush the Protestant reformation, and Rome has persecuted more Christians than any other group. It’s actually surprising that there are not more Johnny Ciruccis.

    I personally blame the US Yankees for everything, and Johnny’s voice and accent grinds my gears. 🙂

    1. @derealium

      Thanks for your comments about your knowledge “on the ground” regarding the American Protestant Christians – it’s even worse than I though, if you’re right, and I see no reason not to believe what you wrote.

      I agree that, being true the prosecution inflicted on Protestants, it is surprising that there aren’t more like Johnny Cirucci, being only a natural reaction from the Protestant standpoint. Naturally, for them, everything can and will be attributed to Jesuits, Vatican, Rome, Pope, via confirmation bias. In the same way, to others, it will be the Jewish conspiracy. What about the Jesuits who are Jews and the Jews who are Jesuits? What about those who are neither and still contributed and contribute as “farmhands”?

      One way or another, we can not simply shrug off or shake off our own responsibility in the state of things, even if it was brought about by ignorance – nor our proneness to repeating the exact same behaviors condemned on those accused of being guilty for all the mess, whomever they may be.

      Every group which holds or held power in the world has responsibility and cannot, nor should it, evade it by redirecting it; not even Johnny Cirucci’s particular take on the Christian religion.

      Even though, certainly, some groups are far guiltier than others, that’s for sure.

  3. Yeah/short of the long/could not tolerate this guys fundamentalism /megalomania -/he may have some insight but his source for all his inspiration otherwise is just as much part of all of our problems. And hard to endure waiting for anything else. – SameOldShit. Did not listen to much of this one…with his christian rock break ending it for me.

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