Do something actionable

Intelligence begets intelligence. That’s why I like Bob, John and Jeran for they attract some very creative thinkers. We’ll need them to realise and understand the box we are in.

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4 thoughts on “Do something actionable”

  1. All in all a great show, many things i don’t agree with that dude on, but the last part was apealing.

    As i said in chat the other day, im open for helping out with GFX wherever needed.


  2. “We’ll need them to realise and understand the box we are living in”

    Perhaps disguising the box we are living in is really their main purpose, and therefore we will be forever strung along.

  3. Initially, I was interested in their video. I really tried to listen to this, but these guys are all over the map. In one sentence, they are talking about all this money they spent on this equipment that was a waste because the universe is a “hologram.” Yet, where are the images of these “hologram.” I’d like to seem them!

    Next, one of the guys says that he has two friends on Ancient Aliens. Come on, those shows are disinfo central! Just because they are using big words doesn’t mean that they know what they are talking about. Then one guy wants us listeners to know that he has known about this media fakery way before everyone else. Which just bores me.

    I just don’t see any research done to prove to me that the world is flat. Its a bunch of Hearsay or its just moot!

    Here is something I would like for them to explain to me, why does a drop of water form into a mini globe? Is this a hologram as well . . . .

  4. these guys need to put out better audio! Blowing my ears out with the volume diffeerencces!!! not listening to them again – at least for a while when by then maybe theyll figure it out! –thanks anyway/ashame –and sick of editing/which I could if they were…better…? ?? oh well/theyre ok though but youd think they would ………ah

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