New cast of flat earth characters

It’s the operation or revelation (depending on your POV on DBA) that keeps on giving. Here’s a new group I’ve found – and all sound sincere – discussing the nature of our earth. Does “33” Math sounds reasonable in this broadcast?

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11 thoughts on “New cast of flat earth characters”

  1. Ab,

    Wow! What a great find. Thank you for posting this.

    Thank you also for posting the app with your second radio station. I’ve been totally swamped for several months now and appreciate you making more content easily accessible. Several of them are regulars of mine already, however I appreciate the new gems.

  2. Didn’t watch this yet but skimming through the video I couldn’t help but notice “Math’s” constantly shadowed One-Eye.

  3. It is fairly obvious Math powerland (someone mentioned its 33 in gematria, might have been russianvids, Guess matthev boyland wasnt masonic enough.)
    knew alot more about the various symbols then he was letting on.

    The 666 handsign being “ok”, come on, we know you know better math.

    Also a orange 33 shirt. how many people “accidentaly” owns one? ive certainly never seen one.

    If he did the “its a joke” angle i would cut him some slack, but he claims its mostly accidental, we can all agree that is not the case.

    Does that make him a agent or just eccentric though? i guess a case can be made for both.

    Personally i belive him to be a mason. But does that mean his info is not legit? i dont know yet.

    That being said, no one tells a story like good ol math, and i always find him facinating to listen to.
    BS or not.


    1. Again, I haven’t watched the whole video yet, just skimmed around a bit. I did catch Math telling a story in which some group of people or another were “killed by Masons.” Something to do with Trafalgar Square. The message in that story being, IF YOU MESS WITH THE MASONS, THEY WILL KILL YOU. SO KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND GO BACK TO SLEEP, SLAVE.

  4. I don’t like it. It seems too long and drawn out — a time waster– without a written webpage with succint points and direction. Whoever heard of these people? Not me. Even if it’s a new group, where is their basic introduction? My own effort to determine the true distance of the Antarctic coast line, on the other hand, is on-point, focused and comparatively succint when you consider my alphabetical index. I’d like someone to summarize their videos in writing if possible– if anyone is interested. Look for their references to Antarctica and to gyroscopes.

    Rick Potvin

  5. Math Powerball(Earth). Could this be the universe’s way of telling us that “Math Powerland” is a paid shill and we shouldn’t buy a ticket to his performance art piece as a “former NASA employee?” Yeah, as if we needed to be told.

    Notice also the photo below says “New York Powerball.” His Twitter says he’s in Montreal but he sounds like he’s from N.Y. In fact, check out this dramatic story about his “migration” from N.Y. to Montreal:

    I’ve always been an artist. I was in the process of moving to New York when my life got jumbled by Sept. 11. I was coming back to Montreal to pick up some stuff, and I caught the last train out of Manhattan on the morning of Sept. 11. We were barrelling away from the city as the towers were falling. When I got to Montreal and saw the images on TV and it dawned on me that I wasn’t going back to New York. But it wasn’t just that. All of a sudden my idea of success changed.

    1. OOPS, my bad. It sounds like he was migrating from Montreal to N.Y. and his plans were interrupted by 9/11. What’s with the New York accent then???


        AT THE VERY LEAST, it was inspired by his art shows.

        Watch this video trailer for his “Bodypaint Illuminati” show:

        @ 0:23
        A ROCK BAND

        See my previous post here showing his “Powerland Live” performance where he paints an “Eye of Horus” on the floor just like the “blood smear” Eye of Horus on the floor of the Bataclan Theatre:

        What do we see on the Bataclan floor? A painted EYE and BODIES. Math Powerland paints EYES on floors. He paints BODIES:

        Now check out this announcement for the “Bodypaint Illuminati” show at Le Theatre Plaza in Math’s hometown of Montreal… WRITTEN IN FRENCH!!!:

        There is NO WAY this is all a coincidence. “MATH POWERLAND” NEEDS TO BE CONFRONTED ABOUT THIS!!!

        1. LOL! From the description for his “Bodypaint Illuminati” video here:

          All legal action will be taken and then some against any theft and or unauthorised reproduction or derivation of this work in any form on this platform of the material or concepts shown herein this video , by any known signed multinational artist and or consortium.

          I guess he must have authorised the “Bataclan massacre” exhibit… or created it himself!

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