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Show Notes No Agenda Episode 780 – “Dustbin of History” Dustbin of History
Starting at 2:36:00, Jesuit trained Mason John skullnbones Kerry insults ball earth skeptics and gets Adam to admit there’s something to the flat earth tidal wave flooding the net.

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The sun is 119x bigger than the moon?

Eric says no, they’re the same size.. and Eric’s video is 27(9):11 in length. Who’s playing who here?

According to the the following site, the sun diameter is 400x times the moon, and 109 times the earth, coming in at around 900,000 mythical miles. All these numbers are made up and made to fit numerology from where I see things.

Still, fascinating information on our controllers.

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How insignificant you and your earth are

Eric Dubay often mentions why the church and recently NASA wants you to believe you live on a tiny, spinning ball. I think Jeran of jeranism.com also mentioned this as well.

I found this link on cluesforum – I’m not sure if the author is being sarcastic or not that the Japanese wouldn’t lie about their latest fake space photo.

This passage ended the article, which confirms Eric’s thesis.

Given the low probability that the Hayabusa spacecraft is at the perfect angle to most accurately represent the distance, the distance is likely greater than what appears in the photo. Nonetheless, this is an incredible image to depict the emptiness of space, the great distances between bodies, and how insignificant our Earth is in the dark abyss.

Source: Humbling Photo Of Earth & Moon Captured By Unmanned Japanese Spacecraft – Forbes

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Biblical Babylonian flat talk

Good audio with two ball earth skeptics.

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! www.johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-054/

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