Learning young: Croatian girl

Say what you will about Patricia, but she often gets some interesting guests. Here’s the youngest I’ve heard in my last few years listening to audios. If she’s real and she’s indicative of even a few young millennials, we’re in good shape. As usual, flat earth has very little to do with the conversation.

BTW, I am streaming all the audios I listen to on s2.fakeologist.com. Make it your radio station! If you want to download the latest week’s worth, sync with me for free here.


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3 thoughts on “Learning young: Croatian girl”

  1. Not sure what i think of this girl.
    She is very young and i will attribute alot of my critizism to that fact.

    It sounds to me like she is just repeating what her father said without actual investigation herself.

    Towards the end of the interview she admits to not know much about the NWO, or illuminati as she calls it (proof she does not have much knowledge in that area) and that she wants a career in politics.

    She is either in for a very rude awakening when she starts digging into these things and realize that you get nowhere in politics unless you sell out. And that its impossible to change the system from within.

    Or she is jumping on the flat earth for the view count that she mentions has been going up.

    I hope for the best and that she is just young and a little bit naive, but it’s getting hard to tell these days.


    1. Id like to interview her Dad. Most 16 year olds couldn’t care less about the things we do so I give big points just for being interested and somewhat informed.

  2. Most of us here were probably like that at that age, i personally remember reading ufo, cryptozoological and bermuda triangle books at around that age (when i was young and naive lol), if we had todays internet at that age, we would probably all be like her or more.

    I personally don’t think its a greater ammount of people waking up now than earlier, i just belive that the percentage of humanity that is prone to such things, have alot easier time to find the material now, than just a few years ago (there were no fakeology books/sites when we were 16).

    Her dad would be a more interesting interview to listen to, i agree on that.

    Who knows maybe he reads this site? do we have many croatian fakeologists?


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