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  1. “Flat Earth Dome Is Not Our Home”

    Richard, the webmaster of Stargods.org makes a very interesting observation about the noticeable reduction in false flags/hoaxes since the FE theory has taken off. Perhaps this theory is their Achilles’ heel?

    1. Perhaps this theory is their Achilles’ heel?

      Or perhaps this theory is their latest weapon, as the Big Lie machine changes with the times and shifts resources away from the old TV-based mainstream media in favor of the new internet-based social media.

      Did you expect the culture (and counterculture) creators to simply watch from the sidelines as a new technology for shaping public opinion took center stage? Consider who gave us both the personal computer and the internet, after all.

    2. I don’t see any real correlation.

      Off the top of my head, it seems we have a fabricated mass casualty shooting event take place in this country about every 7 weeks, give or take a couple weeks. A statistical improbability if it were reality. Additionally, if you consider the fact that this whole “lone gunman on a shooting spree” phenomena practically sprang up out of nowhere all at once, then the odds against it having occurred organically increase even further.

      I’ve been wrong before but I have a gut feeling we’re about do for another any time now.

      Let’s wait and see if I’m correct.


  2. Judy Wood is on to something, so says the flat earthers. Need I say more? Every single person in this video is most likely cointelpro.

    1. I don’t remember hearing that part, but either way, let’s hear their reaction to Septemberclues.info before discarding everything they say. The Judy Wood rabbit hole is a much more developed detour for 9/11 researchers… whereas cluesforum.info has been ignored since the psyop writers didn’t start it. I fell into the Joody Wood hole first but got out. Let’s ask them why they’re still in it.

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