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  1. Flat Earth math, in aid of the malicious Flat Earth psyop to sabotage the truth community, strikes again!

    Anyone who can’t see through the media-faking charlatan in this video should consider the implications of vertical drop being proportional to the square of distance, as claimed. For starters, this type of equation obviously can’t be spherical, because it always gives a result for vertical drop, no matter what distance you plug in. Does that make sense to you? When you plug in a tangential distance greater than the radius of a sphere, what sort of result should you expect for vertical drop? That’s right: undefined.

    Notice the presumptuous psychological ploy of using classroom imagery, complete with whiteboard and a didactic tone, as this fake “teacher” tries to subtly put you in a receptive mode so you’ll accept your head being filled with utter poppycock. What an absurd farce! This incompetent Flat Earth clown has nothing of value to teach you, but only treacherous lies to misdirect the unwary.

    One wonders how the Flat Earth psyop will handle it when they eventually discover the basic blunder they’ve made by pushing this fake vertical drop calculation for so long. Their equation is not merely a maths error, it reveals a complete unfamiliarity with the subject matter. Will they replace dumb with dumber and further discredit themselves? Or will the Flat Earth media-fakery psyop do what it usually does: ignore reality and keep digging?

      1. Please tell us the corrext formula then, with or without a white board.

        As one might gather from the last paragraph of my previous post, I’m not going to take the rather obvious bait and tell the Flat Earth psyop the correct equation. Helping conceal the ignorance of these clowns would only advance the scheme to neutralize legitimate research. The clowns can twitch a little as they roll out their cheesy stagecraft in support of whack pseudoscience which the likes of Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson must have turned down as too ridiculous to pitch.

        Let this blunder by the Flat Earth psyop stand as testimony to alternative-media fakery reminiscent of the arrogantly cartoonish mainstream-media fakery pitched our way on 9/11 and exposed by September Clues.

        1. @Clueseau

          The flat earther’s shill’s or no shill’s have one thing in common: they have proven that there is something severe wrong in the current ball earth model as presented by Nasa.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Ab. Parts Three and Four are now available at my channel as well.

    As for Clueseau, I can’t be the only one who reads their comments as parody. The first line in their first comment on this post says it all: ‘They are sabotaging the truth community! Beware the heretics! Lock your doors!’. LOL. Reminds me of old mate Jeffy C when people dared to question TransAsia. The similarities between Jeffy C’s chicken little routine and that of Clueseau (and one or two other notable characters in this small part of the web) are amusing to say the least.

    I have heard the anti-skeptics repeat the line that the ‘flat earth renaissance’ (as I like to call it) is a psy-op intended to divide the ‘truth community’. Let’s pretend there is a ‘truth community’ (there isn’t, but let’s pretend for the sake of argument), and let’s pretend that there are people trying to divide it. Who are the most obvious agents of division? Those who ask questions and seek answers, or those who enter seemingly every post/thread on sites like fakeologist and denounce those asking questions and seeking answers as ‘shills’ and ‘agents’ who are part of a ‘psy-op’? Think this one through, anti-skeptics. You are far more transparent than you seem to realise. Or maybe you just don’t care?

    I note with interest that a relatively recent addition to Cluesforum is now suggesting that I was sent here (to Cluesforum/Fakeologist, I imagine) specifically to target Simon Shack, in an elaborate ploy centred on mimicry and infiltration. The claim goes that my name was ‘chosen’ to sound like musician ‘Simon le Bon’ because Simon Shack is a musician, and that the term ‘Ball Earth Skeptic’ was chosen ahead of time by whichever agency is responsible for the ruse. How would somebody like the CIA select such names and terms? Is it done by committee? Do they use focus groups? I am laughing as I type this, just thinking through the logic of the anti-skeptics and their wild imaginations about how this was all supposedly pre-planned.*

    The antics of the anti-skeptics was at first surprising, then concerning, then… well I don’t even know what to say any more. Just as I continue to promote SOME of the good work done at Eric Dubay’s IFERS – even though they have banned me personally, and practice/house questionable policies/characters – I will continue to promote SOME of the tremendous work done at Cluesforum. Perhaps in time the ‘flat earth’ topic will resolve itself and we will all be able to put this nonsense anti-skepticism behind us. I certainly hold no ill will towards anybody – even those who have attacked me personally, directly and indirectly. I have said before and will say again that I personally owe Cluesforum/Fakeologist a debt of gratitude for what I have learned there.

    I would like it if KHam could answer my simple question, though: Do you believe we can weigh the earth with heavy balls in a shed? Following her countless and baseless accusations against me, I took the time to make a polite and reasoned response, which KHam seemed to accept… until a few weeks later when her attacks recommenced – and yet she never answered my simple question. It is straightforward and makes for a nice litmus test: do you SERIOUSLY believe that ANYBODY can determine the weight of the earth (regardless of its shape) by hanging heavy balls from a torsion balance in a shed? If your answer is NO, welcome to ball earth skepticism.

    And if your answer is YES, well, then keep attacking me. You’ll be doing me a favour, whether or not you realise it.


    *At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, I will state for the record that I personally coined (and propagated) the term ‘Ball Earth Skeptic’ with zero outside help. If you want to go on believing that ‘ball earth skepticism’ is a CIA psyop then please give me credit as the greatest agent the agency has ever known. Imagine being a chief of station and knowing you can send out old JLB to single-handedly ‘divide the truth community’. A one-man band of humour, charm, neuro-linguistic programming propaganda and DESTRUCTIVE SKEPTICISM. Those old truthers would never know what hit them! If you are out there, CIA, please get in touch with me. The four-part Ball Earth Maths series took 30-40 man-hours and truth be told, I wouldn’t mind a bit of coin to recompense me for the time. But I refuse to get a haircut for a job, so bare that in mind. For a one-man superstar of ‘Truth Community’ destruction like me, I am sure you can bend any new recruit hairstyle policies. And if you can’t, then NO DEAL, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing for free.

    1. @JLB

      It is absolute bloody marvellous how you handle this whole thing. I am still waiting for Kham’s proofs as she stated that we are living on a much greater ball earth model ( chat with ab ).

  3. Does more evidence support the flat earth/ball earth or that someone/no one died on 911?

    or did some doomsday device destroy the towers or was it just a pretty good CGI demolition?

    find out next week on Fakeologist Dot Com

    I don’t really know the exact answer to each but doomsday weapons is a reach for me. I have heard some rather (otherwise) sound minds say they knew people who died on 911 and they probably think (would say) that cluesforum is a cointelpro operation. But it’s hard to ignore the fakery that has been found among the so-called victims and their supposed stories and places of work.

    As for the earth, this is an even bigger question mark. I can see exactly why people question it, and see no solid proofs that it is a spinning sphere from a Big Bang (33 gematria btw).

  4. In the videos above, JLB goes through the effort of explaining what is order of operations, the basic building block of computation and algebra first learned in the 4th grade. That was totally unnecessary, why not also explain what add, subtract, multiply and divide means?

    I suspect there is a reason JLB went all they way back to 4th grade math in his video. The first reason is to make the audience feel smart, like they understand what is being explained, even though later in the video they will start to get confused. The second reason is that in order for proper mind control to set in, you see, you must listen to JLB’s voice drone on for at least 10 minutes. I suspect that in order to fill that amount of video time JLB had to add a bunch of other non-important stuff to his presentation in order to reach 10 minutes, because the math he actually showed should have taken about 2 minutes to explain.

    For evidence I site his first video, the introduction, where JLB drones on about NOTHING for about 10 minutes, just long enough to make you think his video is one of substance when it is NOT, and just long enough to put you in a receptive state for the next amount of nonsense coming in the second video. Now let me move on to something I should have done a long time ago, respond to JLB after publicly stating my observations that JLB is cointelpro. His question to me was this: can one find the size of the earth by hanging two iron balls from the ceiling. Below is my long awaited response.

    My Official Response to JLB: No, iron balls hanging from a ceiling probably can’t determine anything at all, except where the plumb line is at. My response to JLB is now complete and finished. Expect no further response forthcoming.

    Ab, about curvature formulas, there are several on the internet to choose from. Instead of listening to any of us explain it to you, why don’t you go straight to the source. You should do the research for yourself and learn exactly what this curvature thing really means both in reality and math wise. You can google it.

    For starters, here is a curvature formula from the aviation industry:


    Here is curvature formula from the Ham Radio guys:


    Here is a curvature formula from mountain climbers


    There are so many more than that available for your scrutiny. It is always advisable to seek information from people who actually use the topic you are interested in, this way you avoid purposeful deception from people with an agenda.

    CAUTION Flat earth videos are dangerous to your mental health. Each time any of you listen to one of these flat earth videos from the flat earth cointelpro you are at risk of being mentally manipulated. If you are not aware of the manipulation techniques or choose to ignore they exist then you are at risk of falling prey to their intended manipulation efforts. If you have watched too many flat earth videos already you might want to lay off for a while and let your brain settle back down to reality, try about a month at first. Then when you go back to the videos, you will see them for what they are, mental manipulation.

    1. @Khammad

      CAUTION Flat earth videos are dangerous to your mental health. Each time any of you listen to one of these flat earth videos from the flat earth cointelpro you are at risk of being mentally manipulated. If you are not aware of the manipulation techniques or choose to ignore they exist then you are at risk of falling prey to their intended manipulation efforts. If you have watched too many flat earth videos already you might want to lay off for a while and let your brain settle back down to reality, try about a month at first. Then when you go back to the videos, you will see them for what they are, mental manipulation.

      Are you joking?
      The most dangerous places for your mental health starts with the schoolsystem, ( Kindergarten, etc),
      Religions and militair etc. ( See John Taylor Gatto : The underground history of American Education. Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte: the deliberate dumbing down of America. Etc.) Schoolsystems are created for bringing one on the wrong track and keeping one on the wrong track) The whole thing is based on disconnecting from mother free nature, that will say animals,plants etc. Everything has to be cut through. Building up a false matrix, so one becomes dependend on their system(s) they created. Once that is happened no one is capable, with some extreme exceptions, for building up and maintaining good health and live in symbiose with mother’s free nature. Some exceptions are still some tribes in the Amazon and other places.What does the military do to a person? Religions? Look how they treat the animals and plants. Except some individuals.
      And look was is going on: transgender agenda, overdosis porno etc. etc. Flat earth vid.’s are in comparison with that kind of bullshit rather innocent.

      1. Yes, curious, schools are dangerous too, as well as the television, radio, government, etc as all these institutions support the lie that is media, knowingly or unknowingly. Mostly though, like the general population of any country, people are good and they unknowingly give support.

        Think about it though, society in general supports the big lies, the vast majority of the them. We here at fakeologist.com are part of the few who see through some of the lies.

        1. Yes, curious, schools are dangerous too, as well as the television, radio, government, etc as all these institutions support the lie that is media, knowingly or unknowingly. Mostly though, like the general population of any country, people are good and they unknowingly give support.

          Hello Khammad, all systems are in the hands of the same families, according to Gore Vidal some 400 families have the power. Every system is pyramidically build up and every Ceo in that system knows that the whole bloody lot is cheated and will be cheated. Everything is about denaturing a person and get him or her on the wrong track.. In front the religions, which are camouflaged masonic institutions, headed by the Roman Catholic church, the military etc. A schoolsystem is part of that system and is also masonic controlled.
          So Khammad, they force feed us with false information, why should the ball earth model an exception? What makes you so fixed on the ball earth model? Why should this be an exception? I dare say that nobody knows in reality how the place where we live on looks like. In the 1950’s the Russians send their Sputnik into orbit, as history will have it. Then followed their dog Laïka. Pics from their ridiculous satelite Sputnik, pics from their dog Laïka, but no pics from the earth. The space race began, which we now know is a gigantic hoax and wasted taxmoney. But still no pics from the earth. My conclusion: “they” don’t know to, how this whole thing looks like. For me Khammad, I really don’t know to on what kind of a model we do live on. And as long as there are no pics made from the outside of the model, what kind of a model we live on, we simply cann’t and don’t know. It really is grabbing in the dark.
          Khammad, what do we in reality know? When it comes to the point not much.

    2. Thanks K. The first site seems to agree with JLB, and the other two seem eager to BBB. Since you are so sure John’s wrong and cointelpro, then you and @clueseau surely must have a much better comprehension than me so logically you must have some type of formula to run the numbers. So far all you two have done is to further confound me, while John lays it out quite calmly while avoiding your ad hominem attacks. Is JLB just that good that he can’t be countered with logic and reason?

      1. “Is JLB just that good that he can’t be countered with logic and reason?”


        Prove Santa Clause doesn’t exist. You can’t prove a negative. We can only give circumstantial evidence. I can’t educate you, you have to educate yourself. Time to hit the books yourself. And if you don’t know where to start and how to even begin to figure this out yourself, then consider that you are being intellectually manipulated, and that is the reason you cannot reconcile the errors.

        “John lays it out quite calmly while avoiding your ad hominem attacks”

        Observations. I like John, he is fun to talk with, he appears intelligent and well spoken. I am going be a little like Spock here, take away that emotion and what do we have; observations of cointelpro activity and associations with known cointelpro agents. Just observations that indicate a likely possibility. Just observations.

      2. Ab, if you want a systematic point-by-point debunking of all things Flat Earth, line ’em up and we fakeologists will knock ’em down. But so far that doesn’t seem to be the way you want to handle this issue. It appears you prefer noncommittal language of subjective impression – “I like this video”, “this topic interests me”, “I both agree and disagree with the following”, etc. – and sending people to other sites for (lol) “proofs”. Both of these approaches are fine, but neither of them encourages evidence-based argument for or against the Flat Earth hoax. Asking pointed questions when it suits you is also fine, but there won’t be much enthusiasm to respond in a setting of passive consumption of cheesy YouTube videos made by mesmerist charlatans. Doing this type of question justice requires a milieu of logical deliberation, actively maintained by the site moderator. Otherwise, no one’s likely to bother.

        Since the Flat Earth is mad and flimsy fakery, from top to bottom, being propagated via the (alternative) media, I’d say Fakeologist is just the place to create a systemic record of its debunking. Let’s demolish the Flat Earth media hoax, shall we? However, this endeavor needs consistent moderation, or the trolls pile on and shut things down in short order.

        Regarding the vertical drop equation, it is rare enough that I had to derive it myself – it didn’t turn up in a web search. My version checks out against specific examples I found on various sites, so it’s correct. I would like to share it, and I know some fakeologists are interested, but the better choice for fakeology is to let Flat Earth media fakery keep using the wrong equation for a while. This does some of our exposing work for us.

        1. Clueseau, you recently asked me about my beliefs vis à vis Flat Earth/Ball Earth. So here goes:

          I came across the Flat Earth idea many years ago, and was initially intrigued, due, I think to my tendency to be a devil’s advocate on most topics. I was, however, almost immediately turned off by the ridiculous idea of us living on a plane that was accelerating up at a speed that would simulate gravity! I stopped delving into the subject and wrote it off as an elaborate satire.

          Earlier this year, I revisited the topic and to my surprise found a wealth of information ( OK, to be honest, YouTube videos) on this outlandish sounding proposition. The videos varied in production value from slick, meditative, technical, mystical to downright surreal. I was hooked! I found myself being drawn into an exciting narrative populated by a wealth of scintillating characters, I like to think of them as Flat Earth cheerleaders, each with a similar redemption story ( I was lost ( ie a sceptic) but now am found (a flat earth believer or at least ball earth sceptic). Most of the proponents have been men, although recently a handful of attractive women have popped up, eg Patricia Steere.

          At the same time, within our fakeology community – if I may term it thusly- I have been observing a countercurrent of what JLB terms ” anti-sceptism”, an interesting neologism yet again. The leaders of the Flat Earth scorners are Simon Shack (who will probably soon publish his own take on the Earth and its shape and behaviour) , Khammed and you too, Clueseau. Another person, worthy of mention, who disbelieves flat earth is Miles Mathis.

          I have come to the conclusion that there is no rush in settling this question and that I will just settle down and watch the drama unfold. Nevertheless, I would like to share the following list of the pros and cons and of Flat earth from my current point of view, But first a disclaimer: My maths and research skills are limited, so as far as equations are concerned, my interpretation might be totally off-base.

          Starting with the cons.


          1 The sudden proliferation of videos.
          It strikes me as strange that so many people have been converted so quickly. I use the term “converted””deliberately because the flat earth movement seems to be similar to an alternative religion for the “Truth Community”. We know that Intelligence communities have been behind movements such as TM, Western Buddhism, Hippies In the past. Plus, I have noticed that Patricia Steere is obviously using “flirty fishing” techniques (albeit virtual) to possibly attract nerdy males into the movement. Her last video was a big red flag for me.
          2 The “character” of the proponents
          We only need to think of the likes of David Weiss! Also that Breatharian ( forgotten his name) who applied for a job ( or had a job?) at Lehmann’s. And their wholesale advocacy of Judy Wood ( Have you had time to read up on her, JLB?). Plus the fluffiness of many FE presentations and the easy banter between the converts.
          3 The proven track record in uncovering fakery of the opponents.
          Simon’s and Miles Mathis’ contributions – need I say more? These investigators see the FE movement as a psyop distraction. Maybe we are just guinea pigs and our responses are being sifted through and categorized as data for future psyops?

          1 The FE’s have come up with an intriguing list of questions that may or may not be able to be answered within a spinning ball paradigm – a question which remains to be seen. We are offered a slew of equations that seem to make sense (but on the other hand Clueseau and K. say they don’t and will show us the real equations soon)
          2 The Earth certainly appears to be flat but that could be a trick of refraction, a misunderstanding or misapplication of the curvature equation, a misunderstanding of the nature of light, a function of “ether”, a consequence of the earth being concave etc.
          3 The FE could be a good reason for the space fakery ( but equally a diversion from the true reason?)

          OK – as you can see, I am conflicted and this post is already much longer than I intended, but still not complete. I will try to add to it later and maybe even try to support another possiblity that hasn’t been mentioned up to now). To be continued ….

          1. Indeed, Carole, the sorts of “conversion” stories we hear from the cornball Flat Earth campaign have been SOP in low-end marketing for decades. The presentations of these Flat Earth reps were clearly designed from a common public-relations blueprint at operations HQ – though each agent is given a certain amount of improvisation room to draw outside the borders in their coloring book, so the contrived nature of the campaign won’t be too obvious. No crayon marks allowed on the walls, however.

    3. @Kham
      Allow me to preface my comment by saying how much I have enjoyed and appreciated your thoughtful assessment and articulation of so many topics, over the last nearly two years I have been a lurker on Fakeology.com.

      I have been following all the flat earth posts and commentary here on Fakeology, as well as on other sites and podcasts. I have read your posts and have tried to understand your perspective on this topic and admit I am a little confused and am asking for your clarification.

      I don’t expect you to know for certain how the Earth is shaped, just better understand why you are discouraging others from doing their own due diligence on this topic.

      Here is my understanding of what you have said (please correct me where I have misunderstood) and the questions I have:

      Anyone considering the flat Earth is stupid. When the topic of flat earth was raised and individuals started observing their surroundings and they saw things that caused them to wonder if the Earth might not in fact be globular, should they have just pushed these doubts from their mind and gone along with the status quo? If so, why only with this topic and not also 911, Aurora Theater Shooting, Sandy Hook, etc.? Who is the final authority that we should blindly trust before pursuing our own curiosity and satisfying our own skepticism on this and future topics?

      Just because NASA lies, it doesn’t mean the Earth is flat. Is it POSSIBLE that this is one of the reasons NASA exists and has possibly faked space travel, moon landings, space telescopes, satellites, etc? Where do NASA lies and propaganda end and begin and how do we know that for certain?

      Anyone who considers that the Earth might be flat, lacks math and science knowledge as well as common problem solving abilities. Is it possible math and science are actually how we have all been conned not only about this, but everything the powers that be want us to believe? We know they make up statistics, polls, mathematical formulas and (possibly) “create” things invisible to the average person’s naked eye to force their agenda (DNA, atoms, viruses, prions, etc.).

      Anyone addressing the flat Earth, in the public eye, is a paid shill. For purposes of this argument, does that include you? Is your role to shame people who are considering the possibility of a non-globular Earth and distract us from whatever the Earth really is or whatever we will discover in the process?

      The flat Earth debate is designed to discredit the fakeology movement and to divide us. Of all the things we have questioned and debated, why is this issue so dangerous? What do we gain by making a decision this big without understanding how we arrived there? Why would you rush anyone on this or any other decision? If the truth is that obvious, why are so afraid to trust that people will eventually arrive at the same conclusion as you?

      The Earth is not flat. I don’t know that you have actually said it’s not flat or insisted that it’s round, but if memory serves, your posts have not addressed the actual merits of the flat earth question. Rather than resort to character assassination (Poor JLB. Can he do anything right in your eyes? You complain he is insulting us by over-simplifying the math, while also saying most of us are too math illiterate to understand this issue at all.), could you please engage in a dialogue and explain how you arrived at your conclusion or leave the conversation and allow others their process?

      When I read your posts on the flat Earth I feel like I did when Frank would interject his DallasGoldBug nonsense. Your posts are lengthy, do not seem to be an honest attempt to elucidate the issue, but instead derail the line of thinking and even seem intended to insult (I am not insulted, I am happy to take my time with this topic).

      If you would explain your position, I am happy to listen. Simply telling me “it/I” am stupid, isn’t a very compelling argument. I want to thoroughly understand this issue and until I have a reason to discount someone entirely, I am open to listening to what you have to say.

      1. The flat Earth debate is designed to discredit the fakeology movement and to divide us.

        There is no “us” of significant size being divided here. For the most part, there is the grassroots truth movement on one side, and on the other side there’s an invading astroturf psyop using the Flat Earth to seize control of the conversation. Those who don’t fit into either of these two categories are a small minority.

        So, a better way to say it is this:

        The Flat Earth psyop is designed to (1) co-opt the alternative media from the truth movement, (2) discredit the truth movement, especially the fakery-busting leader Cluesforum and its notable spin-offs like Fakeologist, and (3) change the subject from topics of political consequence to frivolous nonsense like the Flat Earth and other surprises coming soon to an astroturf media outlet near you.

        The Earth is not flat.

        Correct, the flat Earth model is incompatible with observational evidence; therefore it is false. For example, the fact that you can’t see the skyline of any major coastal city from 250 miles at sea, when at that distance it should be visible even without a telescope; yet you can see stars through the space where the skyline would appear on a flat Earth. Etc., etc.

        If the Earth really were flat, the psyop trying to neutralize the truth movement would be pushing us a different millstone.

      2. @None,

        Interesting how you re-wrote my sentiments where you added your own emotion and subtracted my logic.

        I have posted many logical points against flat earth here at fakeologist.com. You appear to be reacting to this post only. This flat earth nonesense has been going on for a looooong time. One may catch up on this on-going conversation and what I have posted in the past in the form of evidence against flat earth and the DBA campaign by reading my previous posts.

        1. @KHam

          I have in fact read all your posts. I have not followed all of your links.

          I still stand by my post, although it appears we are at an impasse.

          Changing topics. If flat Earth is not worthy of consideration, what would you like for us to focus on and for what outcome?

          For me, I am excited by a myriad of topics and issues. I like to fully consider things that are interesting, things that people seem to try and hide or obfuscate, I like to find solutions and answers when some think all is futile. I like to communicate with others who enjoy the same, even if they have arrived at a different conclusion or are in process or are more interested in different topics.

          Most of all I would like to find a way to catalyze all of us to extricate ourselves from the parasitic class that robs us of everything that is rightfully owned by the individual, i.e. the fruits of our labor, our health, our choice, etc.

          Unfortunately it seems the average person is too tired, overwhelmed, mentally defeated or propagandized to care.

          I’ve listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, hoping that nightmares like Common Core, chemtrails (yes, I do believe they exist. I see them daily and they are unnatural and I do not think they are benign.), Agenda 21,911, TPP, all government agencies, pharmaceuticals, etc. (insert all topics here) would awaken the curiosity of the people around me and cause them to stop complying with everything that keeps us all imprisoned. I would like to live some portion of my life as I choose, as a free person.

          So far none of those topics have accomplished that.

          So I ask, what do YOU think is worth talking about and for WHAT outcome? (Not shouting, just emphasizing.)

          Perhaps you could share those topics of interest with us as well as your thoughts about flat Earth.

    4. Or it could simply be that JLB is talking to a maths-challenged person (like me). I don’t know what they teach 4th graders in the USA but I was still struggling to master long division when I was 10.

      Still scratching my head as to your claim he’s COINTELPRO. Can’t see it myself.

      1. Lenny,

        I understand JLB, being so friendly and all, coming here to fakeologist.com and engaging us all creates a friendship bond. One would have to be open to being duped, be open to a friend lying to us, be open to a friend who has turned out to be an imposter. This is difficult for most to even consider. This is why I suspect John came to fakeologist.com in the first place, to build that friendship in the first place, in order to make it more difficult to see his true identity, which is most likely a cointelpro agent.

        Just a little evidence to consider: David Weiss is all hooked up to the control network. An intelligent individual, especially a ‘truther’ would stay clear of such obvious cointelpro. Why? Because a researcher puts a lot of hard work into their research. Researchers want to protect their research, not open it up to ridicule by associating it with less than savory characters.

        Exaggerated example to prove a point: If dallasgoldbug called me and wanted to collaborated on some crisis actor research I was doing, I would decline. He is known cointelpro and would only discredit my hard earned research.

        Consider the whole group: David Weiss, crow777, Mark Sargent, Eric Dubay, The Morgile, Patricia Steere, and many more. They all seem to support Judy Wood and her magical space weapons. They are unwilling to concede to media fakery on 9/11. Why?

        And John LeBon is part of that group.

        1. @Khammad

          Consider the whole group: David Weiss, crow777, Mark Sargent, Eric Dubay, The Morgile, Patricia Steere, and many more. They all seem to support Judy Wood and her magical space weapons. They are unwilling to concede to media fakery on 9/11. Why?

          Let’s assume you are correct, for which I am not so sure that everybody is involved. For what reasons ever, they do show: the ball earth model has some very serious flaws. Which forced you to reconsider the whole thing as well, including S. Shack. You simply cann’t say no, that’s why you came up with a greater ball model.

  5. Will some FE proponent please answer this question of mine? It’s been up for two months now – and I have yet to see one single response to it:

    Specifically, the question is: can the FE crowd please explain how USHUAIA (Argentina) can still see the Sun at 10pm on December 24 – while ALERT (Canada) gets ZERO sunlight on December 24 ?


    1. Hi Simon ,
      I’m no expert , but one thing in your question , made me wonder ,
      as , i was looking at the chart Here
      And although it shows “No Sunrise” they still get 6 hours of “Twilight”
      “They” say the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon , well on the ball model anyway .
      But my point is, no sunrise does not mean ZERO sunlight if they get 6 hours of “twilight”
      or am i reading it wrong ?
      Wiki tells us all about it
      They can call it what they like , but it’s still sunlight is it not ?

    2. Good insight, Simon.

      Your example points out yet another fatal flaw in the absurd Flat Earth model. Namely, it is impossible for a “spotlight” sun to illuminate over two-thirds of the periphery of a pancake yet leave the center of the pancake in complete darkness, as would have to happen in December to account for worldwide patterns of night and day.

      We also debunked the “spotlight” sun deception of the Flat Earth psyop by showing that the sun does not change angular size during the day. Amateur astronomers around the globe routinely replicate this fakery-debunking using a telescope with a sun projection screen attachment, as described in the “Sun clues” thread.

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