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  1. Yeah, I picked up the same passage by Jeranism [didn’t notice your header beforehand] from 1:24 onwards. Great stuff.
    All ?ence goes in the ?itter…. [insert greek and russian letters]

  2. Yep. great stuff.
    In the 1850’s – 1860’s a discussion was started about the inner core of the ball earth model. Consisted it out of water, because the landmasses are surrounded by water or consisted it out of super hot magma, which were erupted by the vulcanos. For what reason ever the choice was made on the latter.

  3. Me too, funny enough. I had seen the ‘header’ but in listening from the start I was drawn to that passage from Jeran without knowing it was the part Ab had flagged.

    The idea that ‘ the ancients did believe Earth was a ball’ and they set out to prove Religion wrong through science. By about the end of the 1800’s , ‘they’ realised that Science was wrong but that they were caught in the fallacy. The writers of history weren’t ready to call Aristotle a fool. It didn’t fit with the programme. Science would unravel if we were to see it was set on such a basic false premise and every religion-mocking scientist would be discredited.

    This idea makes some sense to me. I’m not sure about the timescale but it explains a credible way that Science perhaps ‘de-developed’. All the ‘good’ work that Science had done could not be just tossed away. It was too useful by then, in this way it proceeded on false premises.

    Shame on it, but hey how would they break the news to people ?
    Science is clearly good for controlling people,
    Science would be seen as corruptible and big issues about the nature of our perspective would be raised. Would they want people running around open-minded like cave dwellers ?
    What about progress?

    Helps explain the absurdity we have today.

  4. fishbowl


    All these flat earth video people seem to know each other real well, long before we came along. They all intermingle with the dozens of other flat earth video people. Cointelpro mingling with other cointelpro, echoing each others sentiments. Seems like they have a community, already set up, ready to go. You are right they do, cuz they are cointelpro.

    Perhaps all their echoing only escapes to the general public through a few holes.

    Perhaps Fakeologist.com is one of those holes, out of the fishbowl, to where the regular people live.

    Perhaps without fakeologist.com there would be very few regular people watching their cointelpro videos.

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