Anarchaster Jeff and Eric Dubay

Found Jeff over at Jeranism’s latest google hangout. He has an interesting podcast, and he’s a Canadian currently living in Mexico.

Jeff interviews prominent expert on flat earth theory, Eric Dubay, topics include: flat earth theory, mass resistance to paradigm challenging ideas, an educated mind can entertain an idea without accepting it, people just accept what they are brought up with, the horizon proof, gravity does not exist, absolute relativity, circumnavigation, NASA a computer graphics factory, the flat earth society was taken over and now promotes fallacies, freemasons hide knowledge, freemasons run Hollywood, the d

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3 thoughts on “Anarchaster Jeff and Eric Dubay”

  1. I enjoy Jeff and all things anarchy, but in the interest of due diligence a gander at the following article may be in order:

    Not endorsing before it’s news, I came across this elsewhere before this. There are other articles detailing the folly of the Chilean Galt’s Gulch as well.

    Not sure how it relates to Eric Dubay, just considering the source.

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