DBA Strategy Update

An update from Simon on the DBA/flat earth/NASA topic.

The main reason I post FE material is for the wealth of NASA bashing found in them. I cannot endorse every word spoken in everything I post here, that’s impossible and ridiculous. I am open to questioning the nature of the earth since its very well promoted features are mainly promoted by space fakery central, NASA. It is only from space that we can see an image of the earth, and in particular this mysterious land mass called Antarctica.

I also have posted in the past many audios from Fetzer, who of course just breezes by septemberclues.info. However many of his guests have spoken well on deception and fakery, so I don’t hesitate to include them and point out what parts I enjoy.

I still find it hard to believe that this micro community can attract a fully blown psyop like flat earth DBA. I can still believe it, though, and only time will tell how this shakes out.

Luckily, I have half a lifetime left to figure things out. If that isn’t enough time, I’ll pass on my skepticism to those around me that want to keep looking. Otherwise, I don’t self impose any deadlines and continue to offer up the research for debate.


Thanks, Painterman – your comment comes as a breath of fresh air to me in these ‘trying’, flatulent times…Sadly, if we had to coldly / lucidly assess NASA’s Flat Earth Psyop, we must admit it has been, so far, a roaring success – what with swarms of ‘free-thinkers-cum-truthseelkers’ falling for it like flies in a DDT chamber. If, as you say, it manages to entrench itself and somehow ‘fulfill’ its obvious DBA / dumbing-down agenda, we the self-declared exposers of media fakery will share the blame. For now, I have personally done the little I can to raise awareness of it – in what, alas, has felt like a near-solitary effort, what with the poor cohesion among seemingly like-minded intellects within the media fakery micro-community.

Source: View topic – NASA’S FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY • Cluesforum.info

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15 thoughts on “DBA Strategy Update”

  1. Simon did great work on 9/11 (and what he sais is fully possible, i could easily have faked that myself in 2001 using after effects/nuke/fusion or similar software, in the ways he describe)

    However the world does not centre around him, and your toughts on cluesforum being to small to be the victim of a huge “psyop” of this magnitude (provided it actually is, which i doubt) mirror my own toughts on this.

    Its a shame to see people doing impeccable work then becoming paranoid after it.

    That being said, you are only paranoid if they are not after you and you belive they are.

    If he can prove this to be a psyop i will be happy to listen, but please provide the actual evidence and leave the personality circlejerk to other sites please, got enough of the “i am always right” vibe from Eric Dubay (that also do good work, but has become paranoid and suspecting everyone to be a shill out to get him).

    We are in this for the truth. Not so any one person can say “i figured it out man, told you so”.

    Also on the concept on flat earth being to discredit cluesforum.
    Last year cluesforum was to much for me, and after reading it i wrote it off as lunatics that tought everything was fake (and i belived in aliens at this point).

    I have since come around to fakery being everywhere, but that was a journey for me, and im sure its the same for many others.
    So what im saying is, they dont actually need to discredit cluesforum, the concepts of fakery is to much even for the ufo crowd , untill they dig themselves out of it.

    And even if its true or not the flat earth helped me dig out of that paradigm so i could come around to fakery.

    So in conclusion from personal experience, the flat earth helped me get here, not scare me off, thats a pretty poor DBA strategy no?


    1. “So in conclusion from personal experience, the flat earth helped me get here, not scare me off, thats a pretty poor DBA strategy no?”

      Good for you. The Ham doth protest too much, methinks.

      1. Babette,

        Let’s go on live stream and discuss, like the old days, when you first came to fakeogist.com, and wanted to go on the live stream.

        I hear you have some very interesting things to say.

          1. Babette,

            I think we all are looking forward to finally hearing you in the live stream. The long awaited Babette, is it time to introduce you to the world?

  2. @ab

    Luckily, I have half a lifetime left to figure things out. If that isn’t enough time, I’ll pass on my skepticism to those around me that want to keep looking. Otherwise, I don’t self impose any deadlines and continue to offer up the research for debate.

    Nice statement.

  3. We are onto big things here, real big.

    It is naive to think we are not being watched and studied. If our message gets out, the people in control will have a big problem on their hands, huge. Media fakery. It is so big most cannot even fathom it, but we can fathom it and we are but a few.

    Even though we are small in number we are numerous enough to be noticed and we need to be stopped. The word cannot get out that there is media fakery. It appears, for some reason, that it is preferable to dilute us with copies of ourselves in the form of videos with similar people talking about fake/bad research, instead of shutting us down. Certain interested parties do hassle researchers, just ask Simon Shack about the time Clues Forum had issues from this. The good thing for the cointelpro designers is we are easy to copy. Make a copy and wave it around and people will waste their precious time and resources following it and/or refuting it. Lots of copies out there to keep people busy, to confuse the masses, to dilute the message.

    Why are we easy to copy? Just listen to a couple of our audios and they have all they need; likes, dislikes, prejudices, mistaken viewpoints, key words, phraseology, the way we interact with each other, they have studied it all, and are copying us.

    “Oh, did fakeologists talk about dinosaurs, then flat earth people will too. Remember, fakeologists spent a lot of time on strawman stuff when Pshea was around, lets do some of that. Do fakeologists distrust NASA, then let’s make that the main focus.” – Flat Earth audio/video maker

    How do I know flat earth fakers are copying us? There are few of us out there. I have looked. To have these flat earth guys come out of nowhere sounding just like us, liking all our likes, disliking all our dislikes is more design than accident. It took months for them to come up with points that fakeologists would disagree with. And what point do the flat earth people choose: Judy Wood and magic space weapons. Everything we go against.

    Nearly every topic we have ever talked about here at fakeologist.com has come up as a topic in a Flat Earth video/audio, nearly every topic. Just copy us, say what we say, that’s what they do. Problem is that when curious people want to look up on the internet about what liars NASA is, instead of a fakeologist.com post, or a CluesForum.info post, they get a flat earth post or video. The curious person is no longer curious but instead feels let down and stops looking. They stop looking. How are curious people supposed to find the real truth with all the nonsense out there being passed around. They can’t. So they stop looking.

    This is why the counter intelligence programs are so effective and exist in the first place. We are getting at some pretty amazing truths here at fakeologist.com and certain interested parties want to make us ineffective by diluting us. I guess we have to ask ourselves do we want to be part of the problem by promoting videos that dilute truth, or do we want to be part of a truth movement by only promoting videos and audios that represent authentic research?

  4. Off topic and where the hell did MON go? Eagerly await her input on the deliberate mass immigration/invasion/destruction of the Western world by the organized community that can’t be mentioned.

    For everyone’s edification:

    Red Ice Radio – Frank Salter – War on Human Nature, Replacement Level Migration & Crime of Diversity.

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