9 thoughts on “Blowing an ISS valve”

  1. When Mark finally got around to reading the paper by the valve guru ( sorry don’t have a time marker as this video is blocked in Germany, as are many but not all of his, so I just heard the audio at TF and I think it was at about -80 minutes) I thought it was outstanding. I would love a transcript of this which I could show to some German engineers I sometimes work with and get them to try to refute the points. This is material that is credible due to the fact of its falsifiablity. Of course it does nothing to prove a flat earth, but it certainly will suffice to raise questions among analytically-minded people who have never considered the impossibility of the ISS.

  2. Exactly what keywords get banned in germany?

    Flat earth ? or ISS? or something else?

    Can you go into more detail, this is very interesting to me.

    (as of typing this i have never seen anything blocked in Norway, except for obvious and “rightful” copyright claims)


    1. The ones I can’t access are Strange World 21, 23, 24, 25 – the military/navy ones. The land surveyor and Ron Skiba were OK. The message that comes up is in English: “This video is unavailable.”

  3. Yep Ab is right, come to think of it i heard Mark say that too.

    Does that mean germany has some special deals with america concerning theire military secrets, since germany is enforcing them? or am i reading to much into it ? 😛
    Apparantly Norway cant care less xD


    1. I normally use an iPad. So maybe that’s the issue. I will try my laptop later and let you know:-) I don’t normally have issues like this with the ipad, so this one is particularly noticeable.

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