Debating a geocentrist

Jeran and Bob do a good job battling a George Noory sound alike.

This show is the most frequent, real sounding NASA deconstruction show around now. They also discover the software they think is being used to fake the ISS live stream.

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2 thoughts on “Debating a geocentrist”

  1. This whole ‘debate’ sounds scripted, fake, a puppet show meant to make you think there is legitimacy in debating flat earth, when in reality they are talking nonsense. “Those are not stars, they are just lights in the sky”.

    “Lights in the sky”, that is supposed to explain what stars really are? Major straw man arguments by the religious dude, and these arguments are taken seriously by the flat earth dude and not being challenged on the ridiculousness of his claims. All the signs point to this being a puppet show by cointelpro.

    This video, along with the dozens of others I have watched, still confirm my suspicion that ALL these other earth video makers are cointelpro. Problem with watching them is you think you are learning something when you are not. 99% of what these flat earth videos say is something we have already discovered. I have kept track of what info they are handing us. Mostly OLD INFO, from right here at fakeologist.con

    All Jaranism has to do is listen to a few audio chats here at, incorporate those same ideas into a video, and we think he is insightful. Instead of insightful, these guys are just copy cats. mimics, and forgers of real information designed to confuse you. Ask yourself this: Do you feel more knowledgeable about the subject after viewing the video?

    1. The only thing I thought was missing was a discussion about Geo vs Helio. Otherwise K if that was scripted then these are mighty fine actors. I’ll disagree with you on these guys.

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