4 thoughts on “They make up the numbers”

  1. There’s a 23.4 degree tilt, so it’s 66.6 degrees from horizontal ?


    Surely that fact alone must make people think ?

  2. It’s undeniable that these numbers are encoded into the hoaxes but what does it mean? I’m not a Christian and, honestly, I’m left q unimpressed with all this Satan talk. As if THAT explains everything. Well, when you look at it, all that this hocus-pocus, and occult fetishism EVER produces, at best, is a clever deception, a hoax most people believe is real. It seems incapable of producing any real magic: any turning of lead into gold. Only the deception of it being real. If that’s the best they can do it doesn’t speak very highly of their magic or their God and Devil, not to mention their spirituality. Not when you compare it to the real magic and wonderment encoded in the natural world, a real world they constantly seek to misrepresent and pervert. I think that’s what we have to understand.

  3. I believe these numbers are used as a way of tipping off the others of a fabricated event.
    Kind of a ‘wink and a nod.’

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