NASA official says there is no video of the earth in space rotating on its axis

We need other fakeologists to get the contact info and start making calls asking questions. Chris Kendall perhaps?

On a recent ball earth skeptics roundtable it was brought up that the only ball earth picture taken from space was conveniently an afterthought snapped on the last Apollo mission.

This photo is recycled endlessly today, and is the only photo NASA says exists. Faking a video today simulating that it was from the same Apollo mission would require some silly story like “an old janitor at JPL/NASA died and his grandkids found an old 8mm film that he must have ripped off when cleaning out his basement”. Film at 11.

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2 thoughts on “NASA official says there is no video of the earth in space rotating on its axis”

  1. You hear the NAShole say all the satellites providing imagery are “low orbit” satellites which conveniently gets them out of a jam.

    I would like everybody to propose a “NASA Challenge” Have NASA put a live feed video camera on the moon that people can access from the internet.

    Wouldn’t that be an excellent teaching tool for students and young astronomers?
    Hell, put a damn robot up there that can explore the “Dark Side of the Moon.”

    He’s on the right track though. We need to do start thinking and do the ground work.

    Thank You Chris

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