Sophia’s ball skeptics roundtable

Sophia wouldn’t talk to me on 9/11, but is questioning the ball earth in her own unique way. .  Some sound new voices here.

It appears that many are secretly looking into the possibility that we might not actually be on a blue globe doing a yearly orbit in a solar system in the universe. Even speculating that “the earth is flat” is enough to get you labeled absolutely loony, but believe it or not, 2015 is showing itself to be the year of this inquiry! I gather three friends here, two of whom are 99% and 100% convinced that the Globe Theory of the Earth is Wrong, to exchange information and explain what can and cannot be. We all have eyes and we have all lived here for a while now, so why don’t you listen and go to some of the links to decide for yourself — or at least so you can say you’ve taken a gander at this ridiculous theory!


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5 thoughts on “Sophia’s ball skeptics roundtable”

  1. hi Thereason,
    sofia “Smallstorm” or “Shafquat” can be found here:

    the podcast was interesting, although there was much speculation as well as accustomed “flat-earther” D.Weiss, and thus evidently some derailing into aliens, god and “the Dome”..

  2. I’ve noticed a couple of Mainstream Alternative News sites with ball earth logos.

    Global Research and Prisonplanet.
    I just thought I’d drop the thought in.

      1. Hehe, what is he like?
        He’s a drunk man in a Tom Baker scarf, with a bum fluff beard saying he hates the Flat Earth versus Ball Earth debate, because he loves Dr Who ?

        He does, rather confusingly, seem to throw in his own suggestion by referencing the Tardis .. The Tardis appears to be a relatively small box but is much bigger inside, in reality in the show.
        Are you saying that might be a hint, Rollo?
        It seems like it could be a good analogy ?

        If you drink that much it must be very difficult to cope with anything very well, let alone the paradigm shifting revelation that Dr Who might have been playing with your head, God forbid !
        (Pertwee and Baker are the only ones who matter. Dr Who was nothing after that ).

        The thing is, this topic has been deliberately stimulated in the alternative media. We have identified that it’s been attached to NASA debunking. Eye-brows were raised straight away.
        ”Where’s all this sudden interest come from?”
        now here comes Sophia Smallstorm with her group discussion.

        I think I know what makes you uneasy Rollo, but I’m not sure you’ve expressed yourself very clearly there!

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