Flat flat flat audios

John hosts another interesting roundtable. My views on the flat earth is more of an anti-NASA ball skeptic, similar to Jon’s.

An interesting laser experiment mentioned in this broadcast occurs tonite as well.

Eric always comes across well in his interviews. He doesn’t tend to overstate his case, leaving many questions open but definitely damning NASA for its control the flat earth debate. He mentioned how the flat earth debate was quite active before NASA began and took the one Apollo 17 picture that is really the only one used to this day.

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4 thoughts on “Flat flat flat audios”

  1. Thanks for linking to the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable once again, Ab. I understand that it is frustrating for listeners to have to use youtube (or a youtube-to-mp3 converter) but I hope to start uploading mp3s to my website soon. So many tasks, so little time.

    My position is still that there are too many problems with flat earth theory for me to accept it (for the time being), but this doesn’t in any way diminish the fact that spinning ball theory is full of holes and I simply cannot accept it any more. It might even be beyond salvage, although I keep an open mind and might in theory one day come back to believing in it.

    The beauty of the BESR is that David and Matrix (Ben) are both self-avowed flat earthers whereas I am yet to be convinced. If flat earth is a ‘psyop’, it strikes me that the most efficient way to establish and share this fact is via a regular roundtable which begins with the premise that ball earth theory has problems and then working from there. Can the flat earthers stand up to the type of scrutiny we give ball theory? Given that we have already built a list of guests to join us on the show weeks in advance, it would seem that time will tell.

    We are still trying to improve the show as individuals and as a panel so if any fakeologists have constructive criticism to offer us, this thread is as good a place as any to offer it 🙂

  2. Ab said: “My views on the flat earth is more of an anti-NASA ball skeptic”

    Lux’s reply:
    NASA isn’t the source for the round Earth idea so it isn’t a “NASA ball Earth.”

    If NASA says (and they do) that the Earth has an atmosphere and land masses, do you then conclude that these things do not exist because NASA said they do?

  3. John wrote: “Can the flat earthers stand up to the type of scrutiny we give ball theory?”

    No they can’t. Still waiting for Eric Dubay to answer my question about the Southern Hemisphere flights (two months now). I heard you raise it on BESR and I wasn’t impressed with the Flat-Earthers’ reply “that you must have imagined the Jo’burg-Perth flight only took 9 or so hours”.

    A good mate regularly flies Sydney-Jo’burg direct and he swears it takes less than 14 hours and as far as he can remember it’s ocean all the way (although he does get a bit pissed in-flight so everything tends to turn to water, but I believe him). By comparison, the Sydney-London flight (subtracting the stop-overs) is 22+ hours in the sky, yet on the flat earth map the distance is a lot less than Sydney-Jo’burg. Go figure.

    At this stage I’m happy to say I don’t know. Likely not a ball, probably not flat. Don’t know.

    Could it be that our fearless leaders don’t have an effing clue if the world is flat, round or oblong either? And they’re simply bullshitting about all of this — spreading confusion and disinformation as they’re wont to do — like they bullshit about almost everything else.

    1. At this stage I’m happy to say I don’t know. Likely not a ball, probably not flat. Don’t know.

      I am using the term ‘agnostic earther’ more and more myself. I still maintain that a direct non-stop flight Sydney -> Santiago is the easiest way to debunk a number of flat earthers who have staked their cases on these flights either not existing or not flying as claimed. I had been planning to start a gofundme page to help people contribute to the flight (and many have made offers to me personally) but just lately I have reconsidered this approach for reasons I can expand upon later.

      As for TPTB it seems to me they would know what the earth actually looks like, whether by monopolistic access to the best technology or via ‘ancient knowledge’ kept hidden from the rest of us. Then again, maybe the head of the Club of Rome and/or the Rothschilds and/or the Vatican tune into the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable live from 8am US EDT every Wednesday as they continue their own quest for knowledge about the earth we live on…

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