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  1. Yep, I agree Carole. The plot widens, perhaps?

    I always found a lot of the things NASA guy said, quite reasonable, but his Denis Leary/Bill Hicks style, a bit off-putting. That bit felt a bit contrived and the ‘comedy’ wasn’t that funny.

    What he says here though, regarding the illusion of an edge, again, makes quite a lot of sense to me.
    Dome models, concave models, dish and square models all have defined borders.

    They’re rooms within a room, in Platos’ cave, maybe?
    Proper big rabbit holes? Dead ends?

    They’re perfect examples of gatekeepers, perhaps – intentional or not – the dome, disc and concave proponents ? They keep us living in a cage.
    A Big Truth could be, that there is no limit.


    The UN using a flat earth map and the idea that it was formed to take us into a New ( flat earth ) Age, always made some sense to me. I could believe it.
    However, it would of course, only ever be a case of ‘Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.”
    I wondered how that would work…
    The dome model that was ( allegedly ) proposed with that idea , could be the simple answer.

    As long as people still think there’s a limit, it doesn’t really matter.

    As I say, the plot widens…

    1. Yes, Tom! Who knows what is happening!
      The ex-Nasa type behaves very strangely – an artist, right;-)
      Eric talks intelligently but has alienated a lot of his followers by banning them from his forum.
      Mark seems like a really nice guy . But he doesn’t go into the hard science.
      Indeed – the plot widens!

  2. There are a number of time lapse star trail videos posted on the web. The ones shot in the northern hemisphere show counter-clockwise movement, those shot in the southern hemisphere show clockwise movement.

    I cannot see how this phenomenon can be resolved in a flat earth model. It does not answer the question of geocentrism or heliocentrism.

    I actually stumbled across Matt Boylan a day or so before this was posted; I found it sensible and interesting on a number of points. I agree with Tom Dalpra about the level of comedy, it’s tough to mix revelation with humor. Carlin did it to a point, but he was always funnier when the jokes were not about the domination matrix. “It’s a big club and you’re not in it” rings true, but it’s not funny.

    If I could get an answer that resolves the opposing star rotations, an infinite flat earth would make as much sense as anything else.

    1. The whole thing is confusing. Recently I came across a flat-earther who says Antartica is the centre of the flat earth. In other words a total reversal of the UN map. Antartica is no longer the rim of the flat earth- the Arctic Circle is! He has an interesting explanation for the Polaris conundrum that I have never come across before.
      What does everyone think?

        1. Isn’t it just, Frank? I’ve tracked down a video that explains magnetic monopoles in more depth. Could it be that Antarctica is the centre of the flat world and at some time in the distant past acted as a magnetic monopole?

          1. after looking up more magnetic monopole info I remain skeptical, mostly because the descriptions are for “synthetic magnetic monopoles” and that very low temperatures are required for the observation.

            The so called quantum effects observed of helium at low temperatures are just the effects to be expected of any liquid near freezing point … www.big-lies.org/modern-physics-a-fraud/modern-physics.html#helium

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