Crrowing about the moon

Mark Sargent referenced this YouTube entity, and certain sites seem to be labelling him disinfo.

Here’s a good interview that sounds reasonable to me.  Crrow seems very fakeologist aware and extremely lucid. He believes, like I do, that NASA’s purpose is to control all knowledge surrounding space. He also believes that man has never left low altitude orbit. He believes we live in an age of deception, and things are coming to a boil. Sounds like he’s on board with the 9/11 and moon hoax deception.

Listen for yourself and discuss.

Longtime skywatcher, Crrow777, joins THC to discuss his insights gained from keeping his eyes to the sky. We discuss the []

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2 thoughts on “Crrowing about the moon”

  1. Brilliant interview and most revelatory re. Chemtrails. This man covers nearly every important facet of Chemtrails.

    After a heavy chemtrailing it is so depressing to see natural clouds float by against the milky/silvery alien sky.

    Less sunshine. Weather modification. Heavy metals dispersion. Etc. All bad.

    “Near the day of purification there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky.” Hopi prophecy

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