Confusing Space art

Is it any wonder you can’t get very far in understanding the nature of the ground we’re standing on? The media specializes in confusion (since it lost its monopoly on convincing), and this story from the MI6 propaganda rag Telegraph is no exception.

This story purports that another entity other than NASA is into space art (NASA contractors for the official space art?). Reading the story really just results in more confusion, while confirming the globe myth. In fact, it appears the soul purpose of NASA is propagate the globe myth first, removing speculation of anyone who dares think about the moon and the stars. Their secondary mission is to propagate silly stories about other “planets” and galaxies and universes.

A lie spreads around Twitter faster than the truth can get its boots on, and the solar eclipse was no exception when this apparently stunning picture showing the eclipse from space emerged.

The image appeared to capture the incredible moment of totality where the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun blocking out all light to the Earth below.

via Solar eclipse: amazing picture from International Space Station was photoshopped – Telegraph.

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4 thoughts on “Confusing Space art”

  1. I had an idea this morning as to why the psyopery is at times so deliberately shoddy- It has challenged, no, demanded, that we question absolutely everything, including claims that are to this point far too entrenched for our research capabilities to properly challenge- We are being repeatedly bluffed and the pot is getting bigger and the risks are increasing- Like the people we suspect of lying about the earth’s physical nature, we can only take a guess at what the nature of the earth really is- This flat earth question is one of the biggest land mines that has been set for the “awake” to step on as the pejorative “Flat Earth Society” is the epitaph for the superstitious and ignorant, and being superstitious and ignorant is what they ultimately want us to return to- I disagree with many assertions made by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin and that crowd, but I do agree they are correct in that we need to guard against what is termed The Archaic Revival- Ignorance and superstition are the hallmarks of the serf- It’s one thing to question the veracity of a spheroid planetary system but it is very reckless to claim an alternative without compelling proof- The flat earth hypothesis is simply not provable- Like Goldbuggery, this is still born and pretending it isn’t plays right into the hands of the perps-
    That said, questioning everything should be reconceptualized as questioning each assertion as presented- Since we can’t know precisely what the shape of the earth is, we can ask for proof of the earth’s spheroid shape, but we can’t suggest an alternative if we have no proof- It’s better left unanswered- We can very much question 911 or JFK because the assertions made about those kinds of events can be demonstrably proven false- If you want to suggest an alternative with compelling proof, that’s to be encouraged at every opportunity- Questioning everything from a particular source, ie, the MSM or scientific authority because they’ve lied repeatedly is foolhardy- They can and do slip in the truth once in a while and then the credibility of the challenger is damaged- Taking on one assertion at a time is a better approach- That would require employing the Trivium Method which I can certainly support- If one does not want to trust the science of a globe shaped earth, fine- But “flat earth” carries a stigma that infects and degrades all of the other good research, much like white supremacy has taken out the previously valuable Red Ice Radio-
    One other thing- In a closed environment, currency can be whatever the community agrees it should be- Sparta used iron bars as money and therefore Spartan money was only good in Sparta because no other state would recognize iron bars as having any value- Likewise, notions like flat planets or white skin making for superior human beings is intellectual currency within a closed society if they choose to believe that as consensus reality- We in the fakeology system don’t have that luxury- We have to be just as rigorous with our positions, maybe more so, than the mind benders selling us lies- In effect, we made the cover of National Geographic- Whether you want to admit it or not, the game’s afoot and could escalate to the point of thought crime legislation being considered if we don’t stick to facts-
    (Cold compress on the forehead emoticon)

  2. Nonsense. Perhaps you should take some time to review some real world examples of evidence of a flat(ish) earth or something other than a sphere. It’s a shame that Mark doesn’t talk about any real world observations in his Flat Earth Clues videos, because this is where the real meat and potatoes is … here’s a good place to start:

  3. Yes. Seeded stories to throw off future researchers who are seeking the truth. These fake stories always make it to the top of the Google search index for anyone looking up a particular term with the words “hoax” or “fake”, rather than links to any credible research with evidence.

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